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Almost the 20th of April, which means this weekend is when 420 sales are going live all over the web. Probably the biggest discounts of the year, aside from Black Friday specials and the occasional strain-specific ones, so if you’re looking to score, this is the moment. The promotion banners, graphics, and screenshots are pretty flashy, but without those, this list would have looked as dull as a doorknob. Please excuse the fluorescent colors and other visual bells and whistles; the savings are as real as the sensory overload, though.

Without further ado, on to these awesome online seed banks and their special deals this weekend. (One even runs until the end of the month.)

1. True North Seed Bank

True North gives 42.0% off everything from April 18th – 22nd. They have solid options in place as far as worldwide shipping, guaranteed delivery and payment goes.

tnsb 420 sale

The 42.0% is a bit less than the half/half sales other seed banks are running. However, if this is off everything versus a fixed/limited amount of strains, it can definitely be worthwhile.

True North is reviewed in further detail here: Best Canadian Seed Banks + What Makes Them Awesome.

2. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds runs an Easter special promo, doubling as a super 420 deal until April 22nd. Packs of ten seeds will get you 10 additional seeds of the same strain for free.

There are 12 strains on sale, some regular ones, some feminized, some auto-flowering, and even one high-CBD strain “CBDoc”.

This online seed bank is based in the Netherlands and its customer service, communication, and shipping options – with guaranteed delivery – are great. Please note AMS currently does not ship to Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania.

3. Seedsman

Seedsman has an entire page devoted to its 420 promo event, which lasts the longest: until April 30th. (12:01 GMT)

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 420 sale seedsman cannabis seeds

There’s a section with Seedsman seeds and one with breeder seeds that qualify for “double seeds” and another where you get to pick 5 free seeds when spending over 75 euro, as well as a few more breeder-specific promotions.

4. I love growing marijuana

It can’t be a coincidence that half this list is filled with Dutch seed banks. The Netherlands is famous for its liberal cannabis legislation, after all, and the people are also known to be skilled merchants.

I love growing marijuana is an excellent place to shop for seeds, with exceptional customer service. They have a large selection of strains, including a bunch of fun themed mix-packs and complete grow sets with nutrients and everything else you need.

As the cherry on the cake, ILGM is one of the very few seed banks to offer a guarantee on the germination of seeds.

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The 420 sale includes classic strains like White Widow, Maui Wowie, Blueberry, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple.

I love growing marijuana ships for free to European countries and the USA. Shipping is free for larger orders to Australia and New Zealand. Those are also the only countries they ship to.

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