Absolute Highest THC Cannabis Strains, Top 10 Heavy Hitters (+ Where to Find Seeds)

When or how the THC levels reach higher levels depends on a few factors. If you’re wondering whether you can increase THC content when growing, the answer is yes – to some extent. While good genetics can’t be beaten, there are probably things you can do to slightly increase THC levels. Or at the very least not mess them up!

About those genetics, though… That’s the one area where getting it right will make all the effort spent on growing so much more worth your while. And skimping on top quality seeds is not a good idea with the overall success of the grow-op in mind.

These are the strains with the absolute highest THC levels. They are found at various online seed banks. Only the best and most reputable sellers of cannabis seeds, because who wants to waste their time (and money) with a disappointing shopping experience? #rhetoricalquestion

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a fifty-fifty hybrid. With its THC content of up to 30 percent, this strain is better suited for later in the day. Its very calming and relaxing effect makes Gorilla Glue perfect for (late) evening use or as a night cap for more experienced users.

This strain is a definite favorite and popular among those in search of the heaviest hitters. Gorilla Glue delivers one of the strongest and most intense highs of any cannabis. After the initial rush of energy and euphoria, the hefty amount of THC will cause a heavy body high and make you feel extremely relaxed.

As you’ve probably seen coming, this strain is not a good fit for when you’re aiming to be productive. However, it typically does put one in a happier mood.

Get ready for the ultimate relaxation in combination with feeling uplifted and cheerful – Gorilla Glue should bring you a very positive experience overall, with minimal side effects. Some dryness of eyes and throat, and an increased appetite, at most – which won’t ruin the party any time soon.

This high THC strain is fairly easy to grow and lends itself well to doing so indoors. Outside, plants prefer a relatively warm and dry environment. Seeds are easy to find.

At MSNL, the THC content is rated at 25+. Their GG was created by crossing the Sativa heavy Chem’s Sister with the Indica style Sour Dubble and Chocolate Diesel strains. These genetics help GG develop gigantic THC levels of 25-30%. Read more or find seeds here.

At I love growing marijuana, feminized GG seeds come with free shipping, including guaranteed delivery, to Europe, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. They have regular specials with 10+10 free seeds. At the time of writing, Gorilla Glue is $ 139 for 20 instead of 10 feminized seeds.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain, leaning slightly on the Indica side (about 60%). Its lineage includes other famous names such as Durban Poison and OG Kush.

A strong cerebral high in combination with a very relaxing physical effect makes Girl Scout Cookies very popular among recreational as well as medical users.

As a perfect hybrid strain, she brings the best of both worlds to the mind as well as the body. Especially those who seek relief from stress or pain may find GSC a helpful ally to achieve a state of total relaxation and relief.

Girl Scout Cookie’s scent and flavor are predictably sweet with notes of sugar and cinnamon. Like fresh baked cookies!

The Dutch seed bank MSNL’s Girl Scout Cookies cannabis contains between 20 and 24 percent of THC, however, it can have as much as 28 percent. The seeds sold on ILGM are slightly different. They’re called ‘Girl Scout Cookies Extreme’ and can contain as much as 21 percent THC. Crop King Seeds also has a variant of this strain, which clocks in at 16-21 percent.

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Atomic Bomb

Bomb Seeds developed this strain and, as the name probably suggests, it isn’t one for beginners! Atomic Bomb is a hybrid strain with a THC content of 22-26 percent.

Bomb Seeds aim with Atomic was to create something extra special – a real knockout strain with a wonderful Kush flavor and an awe-inspiring effect. The flavor is intense as well, with hints of fuel, citrus, menthol, and berry. Atomic Bomb starts with a head rush and then melts into a long lasting body stone.

Atomic Bomb has Chem Dawg, OG Kush, and Bomb Seeds’ very own THC Bomb genetics. Plants are fairly easy to grow with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. Seeds (if/when in stock) can be found at True North.

Cement Shoes

Cement Shoes by Canuk Seeds is a very heavy mostly Indica strain with a THC content of 25-28%. OG Kush and Animal Cookies are part of the lineage, and she smells or tastes sweet and somewhat nutty, with notes of citrus, berry, and mint.

This high THC strain is named fittingly for the intense body high it induces. Couch lock, anyone? Actually, make that a block of cement instead of a couch. Its effect is allegedly so relaxing that sedative might be a better word.

Medical marijuana users who find themselves gravitating towards the heavier Indica-type strains may find a good ally in this strain as well. She is listed as helpful for depression, insomnia, nausea, and pain.

If you are able to grow your own, you’ll be pleased to know that Cement Shoes can yield as much as 600 grams per square meter, which converts to approx. 21 ounces per 9 square feet. Cement Shoes seeds are sold through True North Seed Bank.

Cherry Pie

Different breeders and seedbanks have created one or another Cherry Pie strain. Let’s do a quick comparison.

Cherry Pie / THC content

When it comes to the highest THC content – and this is based purely on the numbers each party gives us for their strain – Cherry Pie from Canuk Seeds tests at up to 28 percent. As far as the ‘up to’ goes, they’re obviously covering the possibility for your home-grown Cherry Pie the come in lower. (At the time of writing, these Canuk seeds are out of stock.)

Crop King Seeds’ Cherry Pie has between 20 and 26 percent.

Dutch Seeds Shop sets the bracket even wider, with emphasis on the role of growing conditions. Exposure to stress can lower THC content to 13 percent. With top-notch pampering, though, you could get buds with as much as 23 percent.

ILGM lists their Cherry Pie as having ‘extreme THC levels’ of up to 23 percent as well.

Cherry Pie / Genetics, Flavor, Effects

Multiple seed banks state Cherry Pie is relatively easy to grow. The different places also agree on the plant being quick to finish flowering (8-9 weeks).

Cherry Pie is a hybrid with mostly Indica genes and up to 20 percent Sativa. She’s known to increase appetite. Depending on your experience and tolerance, this strain could be used as a daytime or nighttime toke. Despite its Indica-dominance, the effects are surprisingly cerebral. Expect a happy high, with calming, euphoric, relaxing, uplifting properties, and increased creativity.

As for Cherry Pie’s lineage, True North/Canuk Seeds’ Cherry Pie, as well as the one from Crop King, are a cross between Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison. Dutch Seeds Shop mentions Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze.

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Not all breeders give insight into the origin of their creation. What everyone does agree on is an unmistakable sweet, tart, berry flavor. And as if it doesn’t already have so many other things going for it, that alone would be a good enough reason to choose this delectable strain!

Cali OG Kush Haze

Are you mentally picking apart the name yet? This strain indeed has a few well-known ancestors. It is a Crop King Seeds creation, so won’t be found anywhere else. If you were waiting for an uplifting Sativa (70 percent) with very high THC, this might just be the one at more than 24 percent.

With Amnesia Haze and OG Kush genes, Cali OG Kush Haze is an uplifting daytime strain, offering stress relief and euphoria. Boring tasks ahead, stress-related tension, or just in a bad mood? This strain allegedly is a great antidote for all those things.

The growing difficulty is rated ‘moderate’ and flowering time is around 10 weeks. It should be noted that this isn’t one of those all-new strains with a blank slate when it comes to reviews. You can dig into about 60 of them here, many are fairly detailed.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is world-famous for its purple-colored leaves and a respectably high amount of THC. Up to a whopping 25+ THC percent – at least that’s the number for this one, at Crop King Seeds.

At ILGM, the Purple Kush comes in at 22 percent. MSNL’s Purple Kush metrics are even more conservative with 20+ percent. Their description of this strain in use, however, is descriptive and worth mentioning:

The stone is heavy without being intense, more of a slow melt rather than a straight couch lock. The cerebral effect are calming and soothing without being too full on so it is less likely to bring on paranoia than some heavy hitting Indicas.

Reviewers at Crop King Seeds rave about the strong Indica effect of Purple Kush, the beauty of the flowers: “I felt bad cutting them down!” and, of course, Crop King’s guaranteed germination. (They have an 80 percent germination guarantee.)

Not all versions of Purple Kush score as high. For example, Dutch Seeds Shop has one listed with an average THC content of over 15.5 percent. However, all across the boards, these are easy-to-grow, short plants that do well indoors. They have a relatively short flowering time too.

Chocolate Haze

My aim is to have both Indica and Sativa-dominant strains represented here among strains with the highest THC levels. However, the heaviest hitters – those with the highest THC percentages – are most often hybrids and strains leaning on the Indica side.

Sativa’s are less numerous, ‘up there’.

To make up for the imbalance, Chocolate Haze deserves to be mentioned as perhaps not one of the highest THC strains around but one with a powerful high.

If you’re looking for something more Sativa, and Cali OG Kush Haze isn’t “it”, then maybe Chocolate Haze will hit the mark. She should appeal to even the most experienced users – here’s why.

Buds contain around 20 percent THC, which is considered ‘moderate’ at best. Instead of a strong body-high, Chocolate Haze induces a strong mental high, which will leave you motivated, energized, sociable, and bubbling with creativity. Check out the full description of this remarkable strain on Royal Queen Seeds.

There is another version of Chocolate Haze to be found at Anesia Seeds. This one contains up to 25 percent THC. Anesia is located in Europe, though, and only ships to select countries. (European ones, Chile, and Israel seem to be the extent of it at the time of writing.)

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Note that RQS does not ship outside of the European Union. For the freshest seeds and the best customer service, order straight from them if your location allows. Otherwise, RQS’s Chocolate Haze seeds are available here through True North, a Canadian seed bank that does ship worldwide.

This is a 95 percent Sativa strain and, as such, she’ll get tall. Plan your growing space accordingly, perhaps using pruning techniques and low-stress training. The flavor of Chocolate Haze is predictably delicious with notes of candy, chocolate, earth, and an overall sweetness.

Future #1

Future #1 is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Starfighter F2. The strain with the absolute highest THC content in our list is a well-balanced hybrid (50-50 Indica-Sativa).

This strain is quite the attraction, as it has the highest THC content ever measured! It almost goes without saying that only experienced users should experiment liberally with a strain this strong.

Future #1’s fragrance and taste are almost entirely fruity and deliciously sweet. It tastes like pineapple and mango. Check out Anesia Seeds for, well… you guessed it… seeds. 😉 Also interesting is the in-depth profile description and some cool background information on the strain’s development.

Anesia Seeds ships to European countries, Chile, and Israel. They specifically do not ship to the USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Asia, Australia, and Canada. If your country falls outside of these specs, do check the website or reach out through their contact page.

Bottom Line

Alright – there you have it! Some of the highest THC-containing cannabis strains currently available to grow from seed. If sky-high THC content is what you’re after, it can take a bit of searching to weed through (no pun intended) the various heavy hitters from different online seed banks.

Anything below 25 percent isn’t even worth mentioning, really, since there are just so many strains that have in the lower twenties right now. Upwards from 25, that’s what we’re going for with this list.

However, this is not an exact science. When looking at a strain by the same name, but from another breeder, the listed THC percentage often varies. Sometimes it’s even widely different.

Not to mention that any given number has to be taken as the best estimate – or rather, the result of their growth and testing. Yours could be different. THC content – cannabinoid content as a whole, actually – can be influenced to some extent by outside factors.

The best way to find out what the highest THC-containing buds are you can grow? Start with good quality seeds, and then… get your hands dirty!

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