Which Seed Banks Have the Best 4/20 Deals? (Some run until May 10th!)

In this round-up, we’ll be looking at which marijuana seed bank runs specials this week, on the occasion of the 20th of April. ‘Four twenty’ is a famous expression in the world of cannabis, and the date has become a reason to celebrate.

What are we celebrating exactly? Well. how about simply the amazing plant that is cannabis! Because the reasons behind this particular date being ‘a thing’ are unknown.

More than just a few urban myths pretend to have an explanation but with a bit more digging it quickly becomes clear that they are precisely that: urban myths. (Such as 420 being the Police call code for a marijuana-related interception. Not true.)

Either way, you’re probably not here to learn precisely why 4/20 is a hot date but rather to save on some stellar deals. I’ve rounded up the best online seed banks and their competitors below. For each place, we’ll look at what their 4/20 special deals and sales look like.

Let’s save some money on seeds, and then… grow some beautiful plants.

I Love Growing Marijuana

In all fairness, ILGM (short for I love growing marijuana) has 10+10 free deals on select stains pretty much all year long. They’re just cool like that.

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Their best-selling strains are currently included in the special. That’s Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner, Granddaddy Purple, Zkittlez, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Banana Kush, and Blue Dream, just to name a few – of all these strains, both the feminized and auto-flowering version.


Seedsman is a heavyweight in the world of online seed banks. In line with their reputation, this place brings the works.

Seedsman 4 20 sales 2021

They not only have some nice 4/20 seed deals but run an entire 4/20 celebratory event, complete with a live stream and lots of giveaways. Check out everything that’s happening over here.

The sale runs until the 10th of May, so if you happen to tune in late – there might still be time to scoop up some of those deals.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Canadian Seed Banks

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds - Happy Spring From CKS Buy Now 300x250 gif

Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds - Spring Has Sprung 300x250

Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds - Blast Into Spring With Rocket Seeds

SunWest Genetics

Sun West Genetics - Let Your Seedlings Grow 300x250

Beaver Seed

Beaver Seeds - 420 Get Out & Grow gif 1200x628

Mary Jane’s Garden

Mary Jane's Garden - Get Ready For Spring 300x250

MJ Seeds Canada

MJ Seeds Canada (COM) - 10 Free Seeds 300x250

Quick Overview

Some of these seed banks charge extra for shipping, others have shipping fees included in the price of seeds. Some ship to select countries only, others have a wider range of countries worldwide that they ship to. Certain ones make a point of guaranteeing the delivery of seeds, or even the germination.

Here is a quick overview of which online seed bank is best, based on your geographic location – since that typically the deciding factor.

Best 4/20 cannabis seed sales if you’re in the US

ILGM stands out because their 10+10 deals are hard to beat, given that they include shipping and guaranteed delivery. Oh, and a sprouting guarantee, too. Plus, while being a Dutch seed bank, their product actually ships from within the US.

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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has a similar 10+10 free thing going on, also with free shipping and guaranteed delivery. The AMS germination guarantee is a bit more of a hassle since they require the seeds with sprouting issues to be sent back for examination.

Best 4/20 cannabis seed sales if you’re in Canada

Our favorite place to shop, ILGM, only ships to the US and Australia. So that won’t do you any good if you’re a Canadian at ‘home’.

On the other hand, you have the pick of the litter when it comes to the best Canadian seed banks – and with the most reasonable domestic shipping fees. Also, since you guys/gals are fully legal, you get to receive seeds in their nice, original packaging.

Best 4/20 cannabis seed sales if you’re in Australia

Being that Australia is the only country other than the USA I love growing marijuana delivers to, we’d say that is one of your best bets for ordering cannabis seeds online from down under. Especially considering the guaranteed delivery and germination.

Many seed banks have specifically excluded Australia from their service area, so it’s all the luckier that these crazy Dutch folks are happy to ship there!

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