Best Canadian Seed Banks: Quality & Trustworthiness Rule!


Residents and cannabis aficionados located in other countries throughout the world, who are allowed to grow under some perhaps more stringent laws, often look to the best Canadian seed banks as a good source for seeds.

Growing your own Cannabis is not as far-fetched of an idea as it used to be. Especially if you live in Canada, where it is has been completely legal for a few years now. (Since the fall of 2018, to be exact.) While some of us do have options at home, we’re all just a little bit jealous of Canadians!

It is to be expected that giving people back the freedom to grow will lead to some interesting developments in terms of breeding and new strains. Canada has played a lead role in this and is a great example of how things could be.

Canada-based Online Seed Banks

For many, ordering marijuana seeds online is the only choice they have. The internet has made access to a wide variety of strains and quality seeds ridiculously easy. And that’s a good thing.

Except… when the shopping spree for cannabis seeds turns sour. For one, seeds may not arrive at all. This can happen for numerous reasons but typically the main one is confiscation. Following such a mishap, everything hinges on the trustworthiness of the merchant. Will they or will they not report present to solve the situation in a professional manner? You’d rather not find out after the fact.

In light of the scams you’ve probably heard or read about, it is crucial to order from a reputable seed bank.

If you’re wondering which Canadian seed bank is the best, we’ve done our very best to provide you with a thorough assessment.

Browsing the websites, the fine print, the strain selection, and the overall customer satisfaction of marijuana seed banks is time-consuming. The aim here is that scanning this page will help narrow things down. If it can assist you in a transparent manner, based on which pro’s and con’s you find the most important – mission accomplished.

Important features of any decent seed bank

Why trust us? Because we look for the following things, probably just like you do!

  • Is the website user-friendly and easy to navigate?
  • Does the strain selection entice me?
  • Are the on-site reviews positive?
  • Which payment methods are accepted?
  • Is stealth shipping available? (Most seed banks automatically do this free of charge.)
  • Which guarantees are available on shipping and germination, and what is the surcharge for such privileges?
  • Have our personal interactions with the seed bank been good?
  • How does the online community rate their experience? (as in: off-site, independent reviews)

An online seed bank with fewer choices, but awesome exclusive strains nonetheless can still be an awesome place to stop by. One with a less polished website can still have a great product or great customer service.

Speaking of which, I think you’ll agree that the most important thing, bar none, is customer service! If all the rest works fine but the crew goes dark in case of an issue, for example with the delivery or the sprouting of seeds – then what’s the point?

1. Crop King Seeds

canadian seed bank crop king seeds

Most websites designed with a mixture of funky, bright, and darker colors date back to the nineties (and usually look like sh#t), but not Crop King Seeds. Somehow, they managed to create a very fun/funky yet visually appealing online experience in an unusually daring combo of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 

I didn’t want to deny you the screenshot of the old site, for the sake of nostalgia. (And secretly because I was quite fond of it, it really popped.) Now with their site makeover, the darker shades have been ditched in favor of a white background. Like this:

Crop King Seeds new website front page
Hard to argue the new design isn’t an improvement.

Either way, this Canadian seed bank stands out from the crowd with not only originality in their style & branding but, more importantly, a flawless browsing experience. Whether you’re looking to narrow down the strains on a more general level, or wanting to drill down on a specific strain and gain some further information, it’s there.

Crop King Seeds’ website is easy and pleasant to navigate. From the home page, you can live chat with “the King” or dive into their well-organized selection of strains.

A nice detail worth mentioning: The “status” of any given strain can be seen right next to its name on the homepage. Some strains are followed by a note saying either “back in stock” or “coming on… [date]”, which is very practical indeed.


  • Worldwide – US$10 for Regular Shipping
  • Almost all countries – US$30 for Express Registered Shipping (with tracking)
  • Australia and New Zealand – US$60 for Express Registered Shipping (with tracking)


Express Registered Shipping (US$30 or US$60 to AUS/NZ) does not require a signature at reception, but comes with guaranteed delivery. Crop King Seeds will reship your order, should it happen to be seized by customs.

Anonymity & Payment

Accepted forms of payment:

  • Visa & Mastercard
  • Bitcoin
  • Interac E-Transfer (Canada only)
  • Cash via snail mail (both US and Canadian dollars)
  • Moneygram

It wasn’t quite clear to me from the FAQ page that physically mailing cash is an option here. I got in touch with Crop King Seeds, and they confirmed both US and Canadian currency can be sent. They accept Moneygram (of which there is no mention on the website) too.

All orders outside of Canada are processed in US dollars.

Orders are shipped in the utmost discreet manner. Please ask “the King” of this Canadian seed bank if you want to know more about what your parcel may look like. Seeds in their original packaging can only be shipped within Canada. For all other countries, you will receive just the seeds, packaged differently. Don’t throw away any mail looking like something you don’t expect and didn’t order, without further investigation… 

Additional Services & Refund Policy

No returns, but in case of an issue, just get in touch with Crop King Seeds and they’ll always try to make things right.

One more reason to love Crop King Seeds is their consistent display of not just THC contents, but also CBD percentages for all strains. For even more info, check the extended review here: Crop King Seeds Review (Updated 2022)

2. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has a good menu overview that is easy to navigate. Strains are divided into the categories Auto, Feminized, Regular, CBD, Outdoor, Mixed packs, and Limited edition.

The site has a good system going on indicating how many seeds are left in stock. Otherwise, the ‘add to cart’ button simply doesn’t work and changes to say ‘out of stock’. If the number of seeds in stock at the time of writing says anything at all about how popular this Canadian seed bank is, I’d say they are pretty happening!

The information with each strain is good, covering all the basics such as flowering time, yield, effect and where to grow. THC and CBD percentage is available for most strains (not all).


  • Worldwide and discrete shipping.
  • The standard shipping rate to the US is $10.
  • Minimum order is $70.


I reached out to ask what to expect should customs seize an order. Since there is no mention of guaranteed delivery, I didn’t expect much. Pleasant surprise: the response was fast and the answer was quite positive.

[…] If there is a problem with the receipt of the parcel because of a seizure at customs, you can contact us and we will do our best to send you others to compensate.

If you have further questions, you can contact us ?

It isn’t as official as the fully outlined guaranteed delivery services offered by Crop King Seeds, AMS, or ILGM but it’s something.

Anonymity & Payment

Which forms of payment QCS accepts is not mentioned on the site. You have to go through the order process to reach the payment options. These are credit card, Interac, bank transfer, and Bitcoin.

  • Use of a Credit Card comes with a 3.8% fee.
  • Interac payments have no fee.
  • Bitcoin comes with a whopping 20% discount.

The checkout page states: ‘Canadian customers will be charged in Canadian dollars (CAD). US customers will be charged in US dollars (USD).’

Additional Services & Refund Policy

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a great place to shop. The $70 order minimum isn’t really a drawback since most people like to get more than just a couple of seeds anyway.

If you’re comfortable and familiar with Bitcoin, you can save a nice amount off the total price here. Most cannabis seed banks offer an incentive for using cryptocurrencies but typically it is 5-10%. Not a wopping 20%!

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds also has excellent reviews on the independent site Trustpilot. They gallantly reply to each and every complaint, which shows just how seriously they take the customer service component.

3. True North Seed Bank

canadian seed bank true north

The True North Canadian seed bank website is elegant, with clearly labeled and organized sections. Browse strains by sex, variety, cultivation, type or color.

Filters that can be used to narrow it down to the strain of your dreams: seed bank, price, sex, flowering type, variety, yield, THC content, CBD content, flowering time, medical conditions, taste/flavor, effect, plant height, where to grow, pack size and cup winner/awards. That is an impressive amount of filters.

We can now also see which strains are out-of-stock in the search results, without going to the strain-specific page. When hovering over the image of a strain, the words out of stock may pop up in faint white type. While not super prominent, it is very helpful to not have to go to each strain’s own age to find out its stock status.

True North also has clearance items, special offers and freebies (free cannabis seeds with every order), which is obviously really cool. With a subscription to their newsletter, you can score a 20% discount code. While it is a Canadian seed bank, True North has an additional European distribution center, located in the United Kingdom.


Shipping (worldwide) is free with orders over CA$525, which converts to approx. US$420.  Everything under this amount is subject to a flat fee.

  • Canada, USA – CA$20
  • Europe – CA$35
  • Australia, New Zealand – CA$75
  • Costa Rica – CA$55
  • Africa – CA$180
  • Other – CA$70


Guaranteed delivery insurance is CA$15 and only available to Canada and the USA. Your order will be reshipped if it goes missing.

Anonymity & Payment

Accepted forms of payment:

  • Visa or Mastercard – online or via phone, Canada & USA only, transactions show as “NASB”, “North America S” or “True North International” and there is a 7.5% card processing fee.
  • International money order (US$ or CA$ only)
  • Cash (in an envelope via snail mail, at your own risk)
  • Bank transfer
  • MG
  • E-Transfer (Canada only)
  • Bitcoinor Litecoin

Paying in any other way than by Visa/Mastercard is rewarded with 10% off and double freebies, plus a chance to win your entire order back each month! Details for each payment method can be found on the website.

Mail from the True North Canadian seed bank only has your delivery address. (And of course a postal stamp and/or tracking code.) No return address, however, and no specification of contents.

Please keep in mind that if nobody is home and a pick-up slip is left, the post office will usually hold on to your parcel for a limited time only (2-3 weeks at mine). If you do not pick up your parcel, it will be returned – and in this case, for lack of return address, lost.

Additional Services & Refund Policy

Something True North calls “extra safe stealth shipping” refers to adding a T-shirt or accessory to your order. It would be an additional purchase, and it’s simply something they recommend, especially for customers from North America and Australia. True North reserves the right to change your “extra safe shipping item” to something else if that means a safer or quicker delivery.

According to their own fine print, they have a customer-friendly refund and exchange policy. Refunds and exchanges are of course time-sensitive, and True North needs to be contacted first to make arrangements.

Online reviews are unfortunately much less flattering. They score a meager two stars out of five on Trustpilot. It appears True North’s customer service has gotten worse recently. We’ve covered the pros and cons of ordering from them on this seed-bank-specific review page.

4. Rocket Seeds

rocketseeds homepage

Rocket Seeds is owned by Crop King Seeds, one of the top Canadian seed banks. And just like their parent company, Rocket Seeds has an excellent website and online seed store. It is pleasant to navigate, well organized, and aesthetic.

For some reason, the Rocket Seeds website shows a business address in New York. However, this is also very much a Canadian seed bank. Rocket Seeds is located in British Columbia. They also operate out of California and supply stores all over Canada and the US.

A website like this one sure sets the scene for what one would expect to be a dependable merchant. Going merely off the visuals does not do, though, in order to determine whether a seed bank is legit. The fact that Crop King is their parent company – that, on the other hand, does.

Rocket Seeds accepts many payment methods:

  • cash in the mail
  • Bitcoin
  • Money transfers
  • EMT Interact (Canadian)
  • PayPal
  • E-check (US-based customers)

Some of these are country-specific. On the site, it explains: “Please note, some payment methods are not available during checkout. Contact us for help.” Not many online seed banks accept PayPal, so that’s a nice option here. 

Shipping is – of course – stealthy and sometimes happens in items with let’s call it a ‘lower profile’. For more on this relatively new but promising seed bank, check out our extensive review of Rocket Seeds here.

5. Dr. Seeds

dr seeds main page

Dr. Seeds‘ website is refreshingly simple and straightforward. Every tin contains five seeds and all tins are $50. In the menu, the strains are organized in three sections: feminized seeds (38 results), auto-flowering seeds (11 results), and CBD strains (7 results).

There is a second way to narrow things down and zone in on your ideal strains. On the homepage, tiles show twelve other subcategories:

  • Indica
  • Hybrid
  • Sativa
  • Big yield
  • Easiest to grow
  • Stinkiest
  • Shortest
  • Prettiest flowers
  • High THC
  • Good for outdoor
  • Good for making extract
  • Hardiest

Gotta love their no-nonsense approach to picking the right strain! The pictures here are just for fun (not clickable links) – this button, on the other hand, will take you to Dr. Seeds.

Shipping & Payment

There is no clear explanation of shipping options, which countries are excluded, or even the costs. When going ahead with a mock checkout, it appears for shipping to the USA you can choose between six different options, with price tags varying from just under $10 to over $80. Similar options are available to the other countries in the drop-down menu.

The only two payment options are credit card and the Canadian Interac e-transfer.

Refund & Return Policy

Dr. Seeds’ return policy specifically says you can only reach out via email or through the contact form on the website; not by phone. The questions I had have been answered promptly and courteously via mail.

Returns or refunds are not accepted.

Neither are complaints related to non-germination. In all fairness, not many seed banks give any guarantees on germination. Crop King Seeds (our number one) is the only Canadian seed bank to do so, which definitely contributes to them earning the top spot.


If the tracking proves a package has not been delivered and got lost, Dr. Seeds will replace your order. While there is no mention of the actual term “guaranteed delivery” on the website, it says seeds will be re-sent as long as the tracking doesn’t show delivery. To qualify for a re-send you would have to have selected a shipping method with tracking in the first place.

Free Seeds

Who doesn’t fancy any free cannabis seeds? Here’s what you need to do to qualify for a free tin of seeds of any strain. In short, you will have to place a (paid) order first, then submit an extended review (with a picture) about your growing experience, and contact Dr. Seeds with a valid order number.

Additional Info

I’ve reached out to Dr. Seeds with a few questions.

For one: What happens when the package gets delivered without the content because it has been confiscated by customs? In such a case the tracking would show the mail as delivered. This hasn’t happened so far, but if it would, they would side with the customer.

The page with answers to questions could use some expansion, but overall the site is pleasant to browse, has good strain information, and the customer service genie reports for duty when summoned.

6. Sonoma Seeds

sonoma seeds website storefront

Sonoma Seeds is a Canadian seed bank with a great website and lots of photogenic-looking strains. If you’re browsing and haven’t made up your mind about what to order yet, you’ll likely find some very tempting options here.

Reviews by the online community about this place are mixed – some people are very happy, while others had an underwhelming experience. For more details, check out the in-depth review here: Sonoma Seeds, a Complete Review of the Canadian Online Seed Bank.

Shipping & Payment

Sonoma Seeds ships worldwide, in principle. They do mention that some countries may be difficult to ship to, while others may have limited payment methods available.

See also  True North Seed Bank Review (Up to date 2020)

Customers located in Canada receive seeds in the original packaging. All others will get everything re-packaged in a way that divulges the seeds.

Orders over $200 qualify for free shipping. Express tracking is available for Canada and the USA at a rate of $20. All other countries are required to purchase international shipping with tracking for an additional $30. This makes sense since they also re-send the order should it go missing.

Refund & Return Policy

The website does not state any return policy.


Guaranteed delivery seems automatic for those ordering from the United States or Canada. At least, that is what I deduct from the fact that customers from other countries are required to purchase the $30 international shipping with tracking to tap into this guarantee.

However, it is not worded very clearly. My interpretation might be wrong, so if you have your eyes set on one of Sonoma’s strains, I’d definitely double check on the delivery guarantee regarding your country.

Once you have the seeds in hand, it is good to know that Sonoma Seeds guarantees 80% of them to sprout. Not a hundred percent – but I suppose that is somewhat fair, it being a natural product and all.

Be sure to give their germination instructions a once-over. Following that process is a prerequisite for tapping into the guarantee.

Free Seeds

If you spend over $420, you’ll get ten free seeds.

Additional Info

Sonoma Seeds is owned by Crop King Seeds, as are a few others. (Rocket Seeds, for example.) You can easily recognize them as being subsidiaries, since their shipping costs, terms, payment methods, and fine print are exactly the same.

Crop King is an established name. A reputable Canadian seed bank, with a decent history and many repeat customers. I have to admit I’m not entirely sure why a company would not simply focus on building out its main brand. Especially one that already has established itself as a household name among cannabis lovers and growers.

Setting up so many satellite companies, each with their own name, unique logo, house style, brand – it seems like a whole lot of work that could also be spent fortifying the foundation of Crop King Seeds itself. On one side, it inspires a sense of trust to know Crop King owns Sonoma Seeds. On the other side, I’d still rather order from Crop King directly.

7. Dr. Greenthumb

dr greenthumb review 1

Holy moly, this website is like a time-machine back to the early nineties! The design is about as ugly as they come but I won’t waste your time going over all the poor alignments, quirks, and color choices.

You know what? Perhaps the person(s) behind Dr. Greentumb is busy creating the most awesome marijuana genetics. So busy that they don’t have or take time to build a user-friendly and up-to-date online presence.

The quality of a web store makes shopping for seeds either a pleasure or a chore. In this case, that would be a chore. But hey, if excellent seeds and genetics are the rewards for working through the chore that is browsing one of the most dated, user-unfriendly sites in this list, then sure. By all means.

I’m down for the cause and maybe you are too.

Seeds & Strains

Now about those seeds. Are they good enough to suffer through Dr. Greenthumb’s online presence and order process?

They may be.

Dr. Greenthumb’s cannabis seeds are very good, according to some. Then there are those who have had issues and did not appreciate the way in which these were handled. So all-in-all, it’s a bit of a hit-or-miss from where I’m standing.

How to Order

To place an order, you can call the number or use the printable order form. The latter needs to be mailed back to Ottawa, Canada. We’ve covered further details of Dr. Greenthumb’s pre-technological age order process in this review.

For now, let’s continue with a look at the next thing you’re probably wondering about: whether this Canadian seed bank is legit and trustworthy.


Dr. Greenthumb has both raving fans and extremely displeased customers of the ‘never again’ kind.

I can most definitely appreciate the talent and hard work of a breeder who thinks having a half-decent online store is redundant. However, the negative reviews are far more numerous than incidental and that’s where I have to advise caution.

dr greenthumb review 2

If you’re intrigued by the visual mess surrounding the pictures of some real nice-looking plants and the laborious order process doesn’t scare you off, the man behind Dr. Greenthumb has pretty dope seeds, according to some.

To be fair, it does not sound as though this Canadian seed bank is a scam. The place may be more trouble than it’s worth, though. You decide… Coming from someone who doesn’t even own a printer anymore 😉 paper order forms aren’t my cup of tea.

8. BC Bud Depot

bc bud debot seed bank

BC Bud Depot has a decent amount of strains, but browsing for specifics such as high THC, high CBD, Indica or Sativa is not possible. This makes it a bit harder to narrow down the search, and it makes me appreciate the website layout of our first two seed banks even more.


The choice is between regular shipping for $5 and express shipping for $35, regardless of the country chosen from the drop-down menu. The type of shipping you choose or your geographic location doesn’t seem to have any influence on the guaranteed delivery.


If your seeds get lost, damaged or confiscated BC Bud Depot will re-send them. Another awesome Canadian seed bank to offer guaranteed delivery of seeds!

While Crop King Seeds offers the choice between cheaper shipping without guarantee and express shipping with guaranteed delivery starting at $30 for most countries, at BC Bud Depot the guarantee is “free”, but the default shipping fee starts at $35 outside of Canada.

Anonymity & Payment

Your order will come thoroughly protected and stealthily packaged. All orders are guaranteed to arrive discreetly and packaged with care.

Accepted forms of payment:

  • Credit card (Visa/Mastercard, securely online or by phone)
  • Money order
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash

Additional Services & Refund Policy

Allegedly, you can also fill out a mail order form by hand. Read more about this method on the FAQ page, however, the form in question is nowhere to be found and there is no link to it in the text.

BC Bud Depot emphasizes that their friendly customer service staff is always happy to provide additional information and answer any questions you might have, which is a lovely and inviting way to end any FAQ page… Except that there is no way to reach them.

It took me a little while to solve this mystery and it ended up being simple enough. Only when visiting BC Bud Depot from a desktop/laptop, you’ll find an email address and phone number in the top bar. This green bar does not show the phone and email on smaller mobile devices. The email address is very straight-forward:, and the phone number is +1-888-402-2283. You’re welcome.

Maybe (and I do mean that in the nicest possible way) the customer service staff should spend some time fixing a few bugs on the website?

There are no refunds, returns, or cancellations.

9. Canadian Seed Bank

canadian seed bank

This Canadian seed bank is simply called the Canadian Seed Bank. Also part of their portfolio is the British Columbia Seed Bank, and both websites look very much the same.

Dark or black backgrounds with light colored text can be a bit tricky, but it kind of “works” here. The strains are well organized under headings such as Indica, Sativa, Indoor, Outdoor or both, top 12, bulk, specials and “kush”. This Canadian seed bank has a special corner featuring twelve different kush strains! Liking and following them on Facebook gives certain privileges, such as coupons.


Shipping is $15 for all orders, and free for orders over $160. Orders are sent through CanadaPost with tracking. This type of tracking only works for Canada though – upon crossing a border it becomes regular mail.

You can contact the Canadian seed bank about other shipping arrangements, such an upgrade to registered mail (international) as well as DHL or UPS, which they are happy to accommodate.


For all orders under $160, as well as orders to other countries, regular mail shipping implies that the parcel will be dropped in a public mailbox without a track and trace code or delivery guarantee. Registered mail provides you with tracking and guaranteed delivery. 

Anonymity & Payment

Credit card payments are no longer accepted. These are the available payment methods:

  • Interac eTransfers (Canada only)
  • Bank/International Transfers
  • Bitcoin/Litecoin
  • payments via snail mail in cash, cheque, Money Order, Western Union or Moneygram.

Return & Refund Policy

A return form can be found on the website. It lets you choose between different reasons for a return, such as: dead on arrival, faulty, order error, wrong item or other.

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Additional Info

There really is no way to find out through the site what the costs are for international registered mail, not even by placing things in a mock shopping cart and selecting the “shipping estimate”.

The site has a comparing function, which is awesome. Unfortunately, due to the little information per strain it isn’t very extensive, mainly comparing the rating and how many seeds are in stock.

10. Ontario Seed Bank

canadian seed bank ontario

At first, it seems as though all strains are thrown onto one large page. Upon closer look, there is a drop down menu in the corner. This allows for sorting by popularity, newness, rating or price. It’s different, but actually quite handy to be able to sort by such criteria.

I find the navigation of this website not as pleasant and intuitive versus other Canadian seed banks. Huge banners keep popping up on every page, and having to scroll down past these images interferes with my browsing experience.

Unfortunately, this Canadian seed bank doesn’t display any information on shipping, handling, payment and privacy. Only when placing a (mock) order you’ll find out that shipping is free in Canada. No shipping methods are available to other countries from the list. Which begs the question: why bother with an endless list of countries, if you only ship to one?

Perhaps this Canadian seed bank is a good local pick-up spot, but not a top choice for ordering online.

In Summary, the Best Canadian Seed Banks Are:

Crop King Seeds and Quebec Cannabis Seeds have the best reviews. They both score very high on customer service and trustworthiness, in addition to checking all the other boxes.

With the public interest in cannabis exploding, so is the number of Canadian seed banks!

However, few Canadian seed banks offer worldwide guaranteed delivery: Crop King Seeds does, which is worth knowing if you live outside of the country.

True North used to be the spot to get a wide variety of seeds to choose from, by many different breeders and brands. Their guaranteed delivery policy is solid ‘on paper’ (they’re the only website to state they’ll resend your order until you receive it!) but it is only available to customers in the USA and Canada. More importantly, True North reviews across the web are far from great.

Tip: Like to take the risk out of ordering cannabis seeds online? Check out the shortlist of the best seed banks with guaranteed delivery.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is our top choice as a breeder/seed bank. This funky Canadian seed bank has a funky vibe, in a good way! That said – it’s not really about graphics and all the more about the seeds. Or rather: and buds.

Either way, we get an above-average amount of information provided for each strain and I like that a lot. Their website is user-friendly and fun, with lots of strains and reviews to explore.

  • From shipping to payment options, between the guaranteed delivery service and customer service in general, there isn’t anything Crop King Seeds doesn’t do right.
  • Crop King isn’t just one of the best Canadian seed banks to sell seeds, they create their own strains. This used to be a modest selection but they’ve since added a massive amount of strains! There definitely is a nice and exclusive variety to check out.
  • Awesome details that stand out on the website are the pleasant and easy-to-navigate layout as well as the detailed descriptions mentioning both THC and CBD percentages.
  • Crop King Seeds even gives a germination guarantee. As long as the cup of water/paper towel method is used, they guarantee an 80% success rate. Here’s the method explained in detail, and how to contact the germination hotline.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds 

While I find the branding and website of Quebec Cannabis Seeds somewhat less visually pleasing, I’ll admit in the same breath that’s not really the point here. The website serves its purpose and as long as the seeds and the service are both on par, who cares about aesthetics?

It would be nice to have a shipping costs overview on display, as well as a clear statement on guaranteed delivery and returns. Details are not explained as thoroughly by Q.C.S. as some competitors do, but questions via email are answered promptly.

And what can’t be said for True North, Quebec Cannabis Seeds does extraordinarily well: resolve complaints or issues customers have. They have a spotless response rate on the independent review site Trustpilot, and an excellent score too.

That’s the thing – we all understand that logistics can hit a snag here or there. It’s a company’s handling of these hiccups that shows where they stand on customer service. And at Quebec Cannabis Seeds, it is safe to say they care.


True North Seed Bank

True North is a retailer seed bank, selling marijuana seeds from many different creators. They have the following things going for them:

  • More payment options.
  • Large selection of strains, including many feminized and auto-flowering seeds.
  • Guaranteed delivery is available for Canada and the USA.
  • Practical browsing setup with the ability to set filters for: seed bank, price, sex, flowering type, variety, yield, THC content, CBD content, flowering time, medical conditions, taste/flavor, effect, plant height, where to grow, pack size and cup winner/awards.
  • Get 20% off for subscribing to the newsletter.
  • A substantial amount of seeds are out-of-stock at any given time. On the flip side, with the sheer amount of strains sold, they have enough to go around.

However, due to the sheer number of negative reviews all across the web and the complete lack of response to these complaints, it is hard to recommend True North over other online seed banks.

Dr. Seeds

Dr. Seeds has a good-looking site with interesting strains and a minimalist vibe. Less-is-more usually means a visually appealing interface and a focus on what really matters content-wise.

Things well done by Dr. Seeds:

  • The creative filters by which to narrow down a search for your perfect strains are an original touch.
  • The – creative, again – approach to free seeds. Most places give one or more with a purchase, depending on the amount spent. Here you get a whole tin of five seeds in exchange for a review.
  • So many choices when it comes to shipping, with costs ranging from $10 to over a hundred (Canadian) dollars.

They’ve almost nailed the less-is-more experience, except for a few loose ends. The FAQ page could use some more in-depth information and there are only two payment methods, credit card, and Interac-eTransfer.

I received fast and helpful replies to my questions and am impressed by the speed of their communication, as well as by the overall picture of Dr. Seeds.

BC Bud Depot

  • Less payment options.
  • Large amount of strains to choose from, from all sorts of different breeders.
  • Seeds are generally somewhat cheaper and come in larger amounts, though often not feminized. Which – all things considered – doesn’t really make them any cheaper at all.
  • Very cheap worldwide shipping if you’re willing to forgo the guaranteed delivery.

The Canadian Seed Bank

The Canadian Seed Bank has less information available for each strain. The customer service seems friendly and inviting though.

  • Doesn’t take credit cards, accepts most other payment options.
  • The Canadian Seed Bank guarantees the sprouting of their seeds and accepts returns.
  • Seeds aren’t feminized.

Other Canadian Seed Banks

The Ontario Seed Bank is the last Canadian seed bank website we’ve reviewed. It seemed promising at first glance but appeared to be completely useless for online ordering from a different country.

The next website up for review is My Weed Seeds. They claim to be the best Canadian seed bank, so that should be fun!

As for the remaining seed banks below, they didn’t make it into our list of best Canadian seed banks, for various reasons. To name a few: websites looking very dated, not being user friendly (of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean their product is bad) or negative feedback on forums.

  • BC Seeds (Has been called a scam by people on forums. There are a few different seedbanks with very similar names, so beware.)
  • Hemp Depot

Which Canadian seed banks have you tried?

Have you ordered from any of the Canadian seed banks mentioned here, or perhaps a different one? We’d love to hear about your experiences, good or bad!


By Felis Cannabis

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