Where to Buy Cannabis Oil: Complete Guide to Potency & Quality

When looking up where to buy cannabis oil, the first thing to define is what kind of cannabis oil you have in mind. A wide variety of oils and extracts related to the cannabis plant have flooded the market. All can rightfully be referred to as cannabis oil, while being significantly different from one another. […]

Hemp CBD

Does hemp oil get you high?

Don’t you love it when simple questions have equally simple answers? “Does hemp oil get you high?” qualifies as a relatively simple question and so is the answer: No, you can not get stoned from hemp oil. Hemp, also called agricultural hemp or industrial hemp, is a type of cannabis. It does contain cannabinoids, though […]

CBD Hemp

Does hemp oil contain CBD?

The cannabinoid CBD is quickly surpassing THC in popularity. The fact that it doesn’t cause a high definitely means hemp oil can appeal to a larger crowd. So does hemp oil contain CBD, as a general rule?  There has never been a more appropriate moment to use the famous Facebook catchwords “it’s complicated”. (Except of […]