Growing THC

How to increase THC when growing cannabis; Everything you need to know

How to increase THC when growing cannabis is a very valid question. One that many growers will ask themselves at one point or another! The real question is: How to make sure you don’t do anything that affects a plant’s potential THC percentage. Because buds will only ever reach the THC content that they’re genetically […]

Seeds Strains THC

Absolute Highest THC Cannabis Strains, Top 10 Heavy Hitters (+ Where to Find Seeds)

When or how the THC levels reach higher levels depends on a few factors. If you’re wondering whether you can increase THC content when growing, the answer is yes – to some extent. While good genetics can’t be beaten, there are probably things you can do to slightly increase THC levels. Or at the very […]


Where to Buy Cannabis Oil: Complete Guide to Potency & Quality

When looking up where to buy cannabis oil, the first thing to define is what kind of cannabis oil you have in mind. A wide variety of oils and extracts related to the cannabis plant have flooded the market. All can rightfully be referred to as cannabis oil, while being significantly different from one another. […]


Why is CBD often referred to as the medical component of cannabis?

Many seed banks who offer high CBD strains organize them under a medical or medicinal tab. Why is this? And if high THC cannabis strains are so frequently used by medical marijuana patients, why would they put high CBD strains, and only those, in the medical section? The rise to fame of CBD For the […]