How to pick the right CBD vape pen: Complete guide for dummies

Wait a second, you’re aiming to zone in on a CBD vape pen and promptly get insulted? I swear, I did not just call you a dummy. For real. Initially I assembled this information for myself (the dummy) and then decided it could perhaps be useful to others. Sharing is caring. 😉

With that smoothed over, are you ready to find out what the CBD vape pen hype is all about?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a fully legal substance, unlike full-spectrum cannabis oil. Ordering a CBD vape pen through whichever website or ad block pops onto your radar first is a simple process, but since you’re here, it seems safe to assume you’re part of the crowd that likes to do just a little more research. Welcome to the club! I also like to know exactly what I’m getting, and why.

You probably already harbor a few doubts on whether all CBD pens are created equal, which – indeed – they are not. As is the case for basically everything else money can buy, there are options.

Let’s take a swift look at the key differences, potential choices, as well as where their location on the price-quality spectrum. Knowing more about specs such as disposable versus re-usable pens, e-liquid/vaping oil ingredients, and dosage, you’ll quickly be able to pinpoint the perfect CBD vape pen for your needs.

How do vape pens work?

Vape pens don’t exactly burn, although the small coil inside does produce enough heat to vaporize the contents of the cartridge. Vaping differs from smoking in that the temperature is lower than burning point, and the active substances are released in the form of tiny droplets instead of smoke. The substance is vaporized into an aerosol mist and inhaled. Vaping keeps more of the terpenes and cannabinoids intact, which is one of the main reasons people choose this delivery method over smoking.

The market has been flooded with vaping devices of all sorts of shapes and sizes in recent years. The advantages of a vape pen over larger vaporizers are of course related to its convenient size and the flexibility derived from this. Vape pens are extremely portable and discrete. With the disposable versions we even have the option to try a vape pen just once, or to try a different one every time.


On a TV show, I recently heard a doctor mention that e-cigarettes could very well be the regular cigarettes of the future. They’re a total hype now, but at some point it may become clear that toking on an e-cigarette all day really isn’t all that healthy. Or healthy at all.

The filler ingredients used in e-liquids are synthetic (petro)chemicals, fragrances and colorants. Inhaling synthetic substances every day – or every hour – is not all that great for the body. While CBD pens deliver cannabidiol instead of nicotine, there is a lot of sense in gaining some clarity on which filler ingredients are used.

Some brands put CBD in a mixture of propylene glycol and/or other petrochemicals. The CBD basically replaces the nicotine as the “active” ingredient, but it is immersed in filler ingredients surrounded by some controversy.

The better CBD pen brands go to great lengths to create a purely natural, organic product. Inhaling CBD is something you do to improve your health or well-being. Ideally, it should not involve exposing yourself to any other chemicals and their potentially nefarious long term effects.

As for which filler ingredients are controversial, both PG (propylene glycol) and PEG (polyethylene glycol, sometimes followed by a number) get mentioned often, as well as synthetic flavoring and/or fragrances.

Ingredients to avoid, or nothing to worry about?

Whether it is about PG/PEG, artificial flavors or fragrance, the internet is full of reasons why we should avoid them, as well as reasons why we shouldn’t worry.

Maybe you’re not sure what to think, which is totally understandable. In our household we gladly pay extra for anything organic as long as the price isn’t totally outrageous. My crunchy-factor is quite possibly higher than yours, and as such the things I worry about are potentially of no concern to you. If you’re equally crunchy, then you most likely already avoid them.

Since I am not a doctor, scientist or chemist it wouldn’t be right to present my personal opinion on this as a fact. My advice is quite simple: Approach the ingredients in e-liquid and vape oil in line with the way you approach food and beverages.

If you are a healthy eater and tend to inspect ingredient label before you buy, eat or drink something, you’ll likely want to apply that same scrutiny to the ingredients in CBD vape pens. However, if in general you have no issues with soda, fast food/junk food/heavily processed food, it makes total sense not to beat yourself up over the whole debate around vaping ingredients.

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(P.S. Please don’t hesitate to share your findings in the comments. Personal opinions are the spice of life, and welcomed warmly.)

Quality versus Price

Again, if you are not at all bothered by the idea of inhaling synthetic or artificial ingredients, the good news is that you’ll probably be able to score a decent CBD pen based on flavor preference alone. Be ready for the very fun and surprising flavors these vape pens come in!

On the other hand, if inhaling strictly organic or naturally sourced ingredients is important to you, I’ll also be highlighting the best quality CBD pens with the purest ingredients below.

Origin of CBD

Most suppliers of CBD are proud to let customers know where the hemp plants used to extract their CBD are grown. This ties into the previous point, to some extent. More information on the cannabis plants the CBD is extracted from and the way in which they are grown can tell us whether pesticides are used in the process. Even if you don’t care for the natural/organic movement, nobody is looking to inhale the residue of pesticides or other nasties.

Dosage and amount of pulls, puffs or inhales

Then there are the size, shape, charging time and an approximation of the amount of pulls or inhales you should get from the CBD pen.

How much CBD does the vape pen contain as a whole? This is indicated in mg (milligrams). Sometimes the description also includes dosage per inhale. If not, it’s simple enough to divide the total milligrams of CBD by the amount of pulls.

The amount of pulls can also be referred to as puffs or /inhales. One sessions usually consists of multiple pulls – between ten and twelve is common. Of course, none of these values are set in stone and everyone is free to experiment and find their own flow.

When not shopping disposables, you may also want to keep an eye out for the warranty.

Disposable CBD pens

Maybe you’re expecting to be recommended a disposable one for a first try. While a disposable CBD pen can be a good option for first-timers, the price difference between disposable and refillable CBD pens is not as big as expected. The higher quality CBD extract tends to come in cartridges for reusable pens, but there are exceptions.

Other aspects of a CBD vape pen are ultimately much more important than whether it is single-use or rechargeable. The quality and amount of CBD extract as well as the purity of its other ingredients should be the number one priority.

Disposable pens can be perfect for first-timers, as well as seasoned users for whom the benefits of a disposable accessory outweigh its potential drawbacks. Think: incidental use, for on the go, or even for the sake of trying out a unique flavor that only comes as a single-use vape pen.

Re-usable vape pens

Re-usable CBD vape pens can be screwed apart, allowing for a new CBD cartridge to replace the empty one. They come with a very small USB charger. To recharge the pen you simply plug it into a laptop (or anything with a USB outlet). How long this takes varies, as well as how long a fully charger vape pen lasts.

If you get a vape pen with the standard 510 threading, you should be able to try various CBD cartridges across different brands, for example these Cannavape ones. Aside from Lush Coconut, they come in a few more delectable flavors like Tropical Medley, or Orange Cream.

cbd vape pen cartridge cannavape

Now let’s find that perfect CBD vape pen!

1. Select CBD pen

  • Disposable.
  • Made with natural oils & organic essential oils.
  • Around 150 pulls.
  • Ceramic coil.
  • At least 225 mg of CBD per vape pen. (found on another retailer’s site)

The Select CBD pen is about 4 inches long and comes in different flavors. These flavors are not synthetic, but from natural essential oils. If you like citrus fruit, grapefruit should make your day. For those who prefer fresh notes, there is spearmint and peppermint. On the spicier end of the spectrum, try cinnamon, and for something totally different you could give the lavender one a go. The liquid in a Select CBD pen consists of fractionated coconut oil, essential oils and pure hemp extract, nothing else. The essential oils are organic.

One CBD pen is good for approximately 150 pulls. Amazingly enough, there is no trace on the website of how much CBD can be found in the pens exactly. You would think that’s something of interest to potential customers and therefor crucial to mention.

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2. Diamond re-leaf CBD pen

  • About 200 inhales per pen.
  • Contains 75 mg CBD.
  • Disposable.

Another option is the Diamond re-leaf CBD pen. This one comes in the classic flavor strawberry, as well as in a rather adventurous sounding one called jungle juice. Quite the popular CBD pen, the re-leaf has lots of rave reviews and regularly shows as “sold out”. Diamond CBD pens are filled with cannabidiol (CBD), USP grade vegetable glycerin and artificial flavoring. These are a little cheaper (under 30 bucks) and good for 200 inhales -give or take.

3. CBDFx vape pen

  • Disposable.
  • Contains propylene glycol (PG).
  • Uses CBD extracted from organically grown hemp from Europe.
  • 30mg of active full-spectrum CBD in each pen.
  • Amount of pulls not specified.

The CBDFx vape pen comes in the flavors fresh mint and strawberry lemonade, and yes – it just made my mouth water writing that. If reading it has the same effect, you can check them out right here.

CBD vape pen cbdfx fresh mint

There are a few more things to mention about this disposable CBD vape pen though. For example, the fact that it is not super highly dosed with “only” 30 mg in a pen. Compared to Vape Bright’s 250 mg cartridges, or even the Gentlemens vapes one with 150 mg, 30 is not much.

The CBDFx contains organically grown, full spectrum hemp oil and a proprietary blend of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and natural flavors. While not immensely loaded with CBD, the price of this pen is very friendly at just under $15 a piece.

Newly discovering CBD and wanting to try it out for the first time? If you don’t mind the propylene glycol, this could totally be your first (low budget) CBD vape pen. Down the road, you’ll probably want to invest in something better, and perhaps also stronger. For first-timers, as well as for fans of the spunky flavors, this pen is an okay choice.

4. Vape Bright

  • Contains 200 or 250 mg CBD.
  • All natural and organic all-around.
  • Around 200-240 puffs per cartridge.

Vape Bright CBD vape pens are everything the CBDFx ones are not: re-usable, 200 or 250 mg strong and completely natural and organic. The hemp used for the CBD extract is sourced from Scandinavia. Vape Bright is quite specific about the amount of servings per cartridge (20) and suggests one serving can be 10-12 puffs. This adds up to at least 200 puffs from each cartridge, but it is obviously very much a personal choice whether you’d want to follow that guideline. Experimenting is not just allowed, but encouraged. 😉

Thrive is the name Vape Bright gives the contents of their vape pens. It is highly concentrated CBD vape oil, made from organic hemp oil and terpenes, and free from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Chief chemist Ben Smith found a way to instantly activate the power of cannabidiol without added chemicals that can be harmful to human health and formulated it at a much higher potency. The Vape Bright CBD vape pen is made with the finest pure and unadulterated organic hemp oil on the planet. I’d say it is the highest quality one I’ve found.

5. Gentlemans vapes

  • 150mg CBD in each pen.
  • Lasts anywhere between 50-100 puffs.
  • CBD e-liquid contains PEG’s.
  • Free from solvents, pesticides & contaminants.

At gentlemans vapes the choice to sell vape pens with 510 threading is very much an intentional one. It allows for the use of other cartridges, should you wish to do so. They do not wish to restrict customers to the use of only their in-house products and made it so that you could alternate different CBD cartridges. Gentlemans vapes vape pen should be compatible with other cartridges, as long as they meets the 510 threading standard.

The Maximum Strength CBD e-liquid blend in Gentlemen’s vapes pre-filled vape pen contains a proprietary blend of three PEG’s. PEG-200, PEG-300, and PEG-400, to be specific. The e-liquid is 100% free of all solvents, pesticides, and contaminants.

On to the fun part: flavors! Choose from Alpine Breeze, Ocean Forest, Blueberry, Sour Skittles, Bubblegum, and last but not least Raw (unflavored). The Raw pen is supposed to taste like the organic, solvent-free CBD from extract.

Two things stand out to me here. One: Gentleman’s Vapes come in a very fun array of flavors. Two: they sure do love to emphasize the solvent-free part of their concoction. Almost to the point where it makes me wonder whether they’re aiming to divert attention from the fact it does contain the (to some people controversial) PEG’s.

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6. The CBDistillery Grand Daddy Purp CBD vape pen

  • Free of propylene glycol (PG).
  • 200 mg of CBD per pen.
  • Disposable vape pens available.
  • Loose cartridges (standard 510 size) also available.

The epic granddaddy purple flavor is now available in the form of a CBD vape pen. For those unfamiliar with said flavor, it tastes sweet and fruity, with hints of sour grape and berries.

cbdistillery cbd vape pen granddaddy purple flavor 200 mg

Note that this pen does not contain actual extract made of the famous Granddaddy Purple. While named after the flavor of the mythical strain, this vape pen only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids. Also available as separate cartridges and e-liquid. The e-liquid does not contain any propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable (VG) glycerine. It is made from triple distilled fractionated coconut oil and natural botanical Grand Daddy Purp terpenes.

The newest CBD vape pen cartridges however, contain a different blend. The fractionated coconut oil has been replaced with Tec Temper oil. Tec Temper oil is formulated with a special blend of terpenes with antioxidants and anti-irritants. It is apparently a better alternative to cutting agents and gives a smoother vaping experience. In case you’re wondering what the heck it is exactly, all I’ve been able to find thus far is that it is all natural, as well as organic and food grade, and doesn’t contain any propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine.

The recurring theme among reviewers is that the disposable pens run out of battery before the content is used up. Cartridges with the same CBD concentrate as in the the disposable vape pens will fit any vape pen that meets the 510 standard.

cbdistillery vape pen strawberry lemonade

I got a bit carried away by the Grand Daddy Purp concept, but there are other flavors available: Lavender Vanilla, Grape, and Strawberry Lemonade.

7. DomPen disposable vape pens

  • Contains CBD and THC.
  • Only available in select area’s, or to medical marijuana patients.

While this is about CBD vape pens, it seems right for this list to include at least one pen with both CBD and THC.

Of course, this vape pen is only available in certain areas due to the presence of THC. On Kushfly you are able to fill out your zip code to get the scoop on whether your address is located in the lucky zone. If not, it says Oh no! We are not able to fly kush to your area yet 🙁 as well as giving you the option to fill out an email address to be notified when your zip code becomes available.

So far the less good news – which was, let’s be honest, to be expected. On to the good part.

Why would anyone want to use a vape pen containing both CBD and THC? CBD may be legal everywhere, THC is not. Vaping is no different than smoking cannabis in that a pen like this one would make you fail a drug test.

On the bright side, using CBD in conjunction with THC has certain advantages. Cannabinoids work better and stronger together than expected considering their individual effects, for unknown reason. Scientists don’t know why, but it has a name: the entourage effect. Again, research can not explain why cannabinoids work better together. All it can do is observe said entourage effect, while the reason behind it remains a mystery.

So that’s why a vape containing both CBD and THC can be a good thing. Provided you’re legally allowed to use THC, of course, and won’t lose your job over it.

DomPen disposable vape pens don’t target CBD users, but full-spectrum cannabis users in search of a high CBD vaping experience. Medicinal marijuana patients can use this vape pen to treat anxiety, muscle aches and a long list of other discomforts.

By Felis Cannabis

Hi, Felis Cannabis here. This little corner of the web is my scratch pole. The legalize movement is growing, but not fast enough for me to give up the incognito status just yet. ;-) Let's keep at it! We should have the right to use any plant we choose.