High CBD Seeds to Grow the Finest CBD-Rich Strains (Updated for 2020)

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Creators of marijuana strains and retailers constantly update their collections with new strain varieties. They aren’t oblivious to the increasing popularity of high CBD seeds.

When originally writing this post, seeds to grow high CBD strains were available but it was a matter of a few here, one or two there… Nothing too exciting compared to the high THC strain & seed market.

Over the course of the past months, this has changed drastically! The better online seed banks (that sounds so snob, but it’s really what they are – better, best) have been busy.

The result?

An explosion of CBD-rich strains. All available to savvy online shoppers. If you’re still thinking shopping the high CBD seed section means you’ll have to do concessions and not be too picky, it’s time to get excited.

What better way to put my own excitement about this boom to good use than to thoroughly update the selection of high CBD seeds below! Did I say update? I meant to expand, by a lot.

In general, CBD (short for cannabidiol) may not have the same popularity as THC among growers and developers of strains. And that’s fine. But at least we can now find more CBD-rich cannabis seeds than just one or two tucked away in an obscure corner.

I’ve gathered some of the most exciting genetics from the best seed banks all across the web, as well as a few comparisons and tips for further browsing.

The word “high” in “high CBD” doesn’t have a fixed numeric value

Anything with just a few percentages of cannabidiol is quickly and eagerly referred to as a medium-high or high CBD strain. I suppose in comparison this makes sense; the sheer number of high THC strains is so much bigger and most of these strains contain no more than traces of CBD. (We’re talking decimals or less.)

It’s good to keep in mind that the terms “low”, “medium”, and “high” are vague and stretchy concepts. While commonly used to describe a plant’s THC and CBD contents, they do not point to precise numeric values.

Information is generally lacking on the CBD front. Most seed banks give an indication of THC percentages. It is rarer to also find the CBD percentages of strains listed.

Check the actual numbers if available, or reach out to ask for more information if the CBD content is unclear. They may not necessarily have the information available, but it’s worth a shot.

Tip: An additional benefit of asking a question prior to placing an order? In the case of a new place you’ve never ordered from before, at least the reply (or the absence of one) will be a good indication of whether their customer service is on par.

High CBD strains cannabis seeds

There are a lot of high CBD cannabis seeds to choose from, which means we get to be picky.

Indica or Indica-dominant strains tend to be short and bushy while Sativa’s are typically long and stalky. This obviously makes Indica’s better suited to grow in a confined space. Most (though not all!) of the high CBD strains highlighted here are Indica or Indica-dominant hybrids.

Sativa strains are a great choice when nothing prevents the plants from shooting up and achieving their – wait for it 😉 – highest potential. Growing a Sativa in a small space isn’t impossible though; you could try to work with low-stress training.

The strains are numbered for ease of browsing and not in any kind of order.

1. CBD Auto Cheese by Crop King Seeds

high cbd seeds auto cheese crop king

CBD Auto Cheese feminized can be grown indoors or outdoors. It is an easy to grow strain, great for beginning growers. This plant is mainly Indica with 20% Sativa. It has a fast flowering time of around eight weeks.

A strain like this one, with equal parts CBD and THC, is of course quite different from a strain that contains virtually no THC at all. (The mythical Charlotte’s Web, for example, which children are using with much success for epileptic seizures.)

With equal parts CBD and THC, CBD Auto Cheese is a great fit for those who need a form of pain relief, but don’t wish for the typical THC effects to be too predominant. As you probably know, CBD offsets the narcotic effect of THC, which makes for a more balanced effect and a more functional high.

THC can cause paranoia in some users, and CBD supposedly counteracts this as well. A strain low-medium in THC and high in CBD is also nice for those who have perhaps experienced such a thing in the past and just want to use cannabis minus the paranoid part.

The cannabinoid content hovers around 8% for both CBD and THC. Yield is moderate with approx. 250 grams indoors and 150 grams outdoor. (From Crop King Seeds.)

2. CBD White Widow (feminized) by DrSeeds

cbd white widow

This strain is very much like the mythical White Widow. The beautiful flowers are heavily coated in white resin. It is different in that it contains much more cannabidiol. CBD White Widow won’t get you quite as high but should lead to feeling more peaceful and calm.

Aches and pain are among the many things people report they find relief from when using CBD-rich cannabis strains. CBD White Widow also happens to be an excellent choice to make extracts.

Yields aren’t exactly insane, but quality over quantity could be the motto here. It’s a great choice for those who appreciate the classic White Widow look and feel, with a much higher CBD content.

Being a fairly easy strain to grow, she’s perfect for both beginners and more seasoned growers. Well suited to the indoors, the flowering time is seven to nine weeks on average.

Exact THC and CBD contents are not given. CBD White Widow feminized is part of the high CBD cannabis seeds selection at Dr. Seeds where five seeds go for $50 (Canadian, some new strains are priced higher).

3. CBDream (feminized) by Crop King Seeds

cbdream feminized

CBDream feminized is another high CBD strain from the Canadian seed bank Crop King Seeds.

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What’s unique about the CBDream strain?

Its ancestors include Blue Dream and Original Kush and CBDream shares a few specs with the above mentioned CBD Auto Cheese. Being very easy to grow, for one. Also, the flowering time of around eight weeks and the 80/20 proportions of Indica/Sativa genetics.

THC and CBD contents are slightly lower for this strain, listed at 6% each. CBDream’s yield, on the other hand, should be higher with around 400 grams.

CBDream has been tested for CBN with a listed value of 0.80 percent, and that makes it the only strain with charted CBN I’ve come across.

4. Black Mamba Auto CBD by BlimBurn

black mamba auto cbd

Black Mamba Auto CBD from Blimburn Seeds has a flowering time of 9 weeks outdoor and 75 to 80 days indoor. It’s a fast grower that produces large, compact buds and can easily yield 500 grams per square meter inside. 

The Black Mamba CBD photoperiod version has a similar yield, can grow very large outside and shows excellent resistance to mold and pests.

Black Mamba CBD (feminized, not auto-flowering) has as much as 20% CBD and 1% THC. Blimburn seeds’ team of creators made the auto-flowering version of the strain by crossing Black Mamba CBD with Tangie Auto. Her THC and CBD contents are both around 5%.

Between the quick growth cycle, the more than decent yield and interesting (albeit quite different!) cannabinoid contents, both these high CBD strains are worth a closer look for any indoor grow space.

Find both the feminized and auto-flowering Black Mamba CBD strains at True North, a Canadian online seed bank, or SeedSupreme, a British online seed bank. Both deliver worldwide.

5. Blueberry CBD by ILGM

blueberry cbd seeds ilgm

One of the exciting recent arrivals at “I love growing marijuana” is Blueberry CBD. Seeds are feminized and grow into tall plants – yes, despite those Indica genetics! – with around nine weeks of flowering time.

Blueberry CBD is a hybrid leaning heavily on the Indica side (approximately 80% Indica and 20% Sativa) and she contains less than 1% THC but up to 16% CBD.

It is good for mellow relaxation and pain relief without any (or barely any) psychotropic effects. Relatively easy to grow, the main challenge here will be the plant’s tall size and width. She’ll become a rather big girl, so plan and plant with that in mind.

Of course, this makes Blueberry CBD a terrific choice for outdoor growing, where you can expect to harvest 25 ounces (700+ grams) per plant. Inside, yield should be about 18 (500+ grams) ounces per square meter.

This strain is on the more resistant end of the spectrum when it comes to mold and other diseases. The buds are very dense and deliciously fruity-smelling and tasting.

Not exactly a potent knock-out strain as many Indica’s tend to do, Blueberry CBD more so eases one into a more relaxed state. This relaxing and super mellow effect means it is perfect for unwinding, stress-relief, sleep improvement, and to help induce an overall better mood.

And that’s just on the (semi-)recreational front. Blueberry CBD is also worth a closer look for anyone who suffers from physical conditions and health problems that typically improve with the intake of CBD.

Check out ILGM’s Blueberry CBD seeds.

6. White Widow CBD by ILGM

white widow cbd ilgm

This newly-developed White Widow CBD cannabis strain is available in both a feminized and an auto-flowering version. It’s a terrific choice for beginners; the plants are easy to grow and don’t need much maintenance at all.

They’re also ideal for indoor growing because these seeds grow into plants of only around two feet tall. A bit more than that when grown outside, but the Indica side of the DNA is definitely in charge of the size here.

In classic Widow-style, expect some heavy, resinous, white-covered kolas. Flowering time is about eight weeks and yield should be around four to six ounces per square meter for the auto-flowering seeds.

If that number is disappointing, and you don’t mind putting some effort toward proper lighting, the feminized seeds can yield around 18 ounces in the same amount of space.

TIP: Autoflowers typically aren’t the bigger producers of buds, but we’ve listed some of the highest yielding auto-flowering marijuana strains here.

The CBD and THC percentage are about equal with six to nine percent of each. A well-balanced cannabinoid profile such as this one makes for a great daytime smoke. She should be good for a happy and relaxed mood while keeping your wits intact and without pawning you off into the arms of Morpheus.

White Widow can increase both creativity and one’s appetite to some extent. If either of those (or both) are a good thing for you, this strain might just be the perfect one to dose up on CBD while also benefitting from some typical Widow characteristics.

White Widow CBD auto-flowering

White Widow CBD feminized

7. Cannabis Light (auto/fem.) by the Ministry of Cannabis

cannabis light feminized or autoflowering

Auto cannabis light and cannabis light feminized seeds grow into plants with less than one percent THC and well over ten percent CBD. The ministry of cannabis’ tests measured fourteen percent. Like many others on this list, Cannabis Light was created with those who want to use cannabis without experiencing a high in mind. So what are the distinguishing properties of this strain?

It leans heavily on the Sativa side (90% for the feminized version) with the necessary addition of Ruderalis genes for that auto-flowering trait.

Auto Cannabis Light is a fast one, with approximately nine weeks from seed to harvest. Which means what – a flowering time of barely seven weeks? That sure is quick! Expect up to 60 grams per plant indoors and double that amount outside.

Feminized seeds grow into plants with a flowering time of around eight weeks and yield a bit more than the autos: up to 80 grams per plant inside and as much as 200 outside.

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Both have a relaxing effect, providing relief without knocking one out completely. Sandalwood/woodsy, earthy and pungent describe this strain’s scent and flavor.

Cannabis Light seeds feminized and auto-flowering at the Ministry of Cannabis.

8. CBD Star (feminized) by the Ministry of Cannabis

cbd star feminized seeds

Users are raving about the flavor, medicinal properties, ease of growing and yield of this strain. True to their Indica-dominant genetics, plants are compact and robust. They are also very aromatic, with a fresh scent of incense and musk.

CBD Star contains around twelve percent THC and CBD. Yields are above average with between 500 and 550 grams per square meter indoors and 700 grams per plant outdoors.

Not that this strain isn’t a terrific fit for recreational use as well, but it has some excellent medicinal properties. Worth mentioning is its helpfulness with pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety.

Nothing like a nice Indica to provide that ultimate relaxation… What’s even better here is that with the presence of an equally hefty amount of CBD, even those who can be prone to bouts of paranoia caused by THC may be able to enjoy its effects. Add to that the typical Indica size and shape, great for indoor growing, and this strain definitely deserves a closer look.

CBD Star feminized seeds at the Ministry of Cannabis.

Auto-flowering is also an option here, by the way. The levels of CBD and THC are a tad lower, around 10% of each. Yield is lower as well, which is normal for an auto-flowering strain, 230 grams per plant outside and about half of that amount when growing inside. Something’s gotta give in return for the ease of automation! 😉

Auto CBD Star feminized seeds at the Ministry of Cannabis.

9. Harlequin by ILGM

harlequin high-cbd strain seeds ilgm

Harlequin is a quite well-known strain. Finding seeds of this CBD-rich strain isn’t easy, though! I was very excited to discover that the Robert Bergman crew has added these to their selection.

Harlequin is a very popular strain for both recreational and medicinal use. For anyone prone to anxiety or THC-induced paranoia, a high-CBD strain such as this one is a better choice than one of the classic high-THC (and low-CBD) strains.

Pain, cramps, migraines, spasms and even seizures are among the health issues Harlequin could alleviate. For recreational use, you can expect a rather energetic high with a positive, uplifting vibe.

Being a hybrid with eighty percent Sativa, Harlequin grows into large plants, yielding around fourteen to seventeen ounces per square meter. Not the easiest strain to grow, she requires decent management of temperature and humidity levels. It isn’t rocket science though, and if you can get things right she’ll reward you with some heavy colas. (The link below leads to the description on ILGM with further growing directions.)

Yield is generally good. To make sure you aren’t missing out on the elevated levels of CBD, be sure to harvest on the early side. The amount of CBD present in the flower degrades with time.

Harlequin seeds (feminized) + growing tips

10. Strawberry Kush CBD by ILGM

strawberry kush cbd

Let’s start with this: Strawberry Kush CBD is a wonderful choice for beginning/inexperienced growers. Easy to cultivate and very resistant to diseases, mold or pests.

Location-wise, Strawberry Kush CBD is versatile and adaptable. Growing inside will work perfectly; the plants will stay short and compact, thanks to 75% Indica genetics, producing dense kolas. Outside, with more space up for the taking, they’ll grow a bit larger.

This is yet another great candidate to practice your training technique. Being a bit of a hippie, I have a distinct preference for the non-violent approach of low-stress training methods but hey… to each their own. Strawberry Kush CBD can produce around 500 grams or more per square meter.

The effect of this strain as described by the seller sure is fascinating. OG Kush is known for its body-numbing euphoria, while Strawberry Cough typically does the mentally uplifting thing. Strawberry Kush CBD combines the best of both those worlds and in a much more mellow way than the “original” Strawberry Kush (without the high CBD).

It sounds like a fantastic strain for medicinal users who prefer to steer away from the heavy psychedelics, as well as for recreational fun and chillaxing.

As for the taste: strawberry – of course – with hints of juice berries, a little earthy sandalwood perhaps, and some citrus and pine. CBD levels are quite high at 9%. THC is around 0.6%.

That’s basically just a dash more than hemp or hemp-like strains with virtually non-existent THC levels. (The next one up, Carmagnola CBD, is one of those.)

Strawberry Kush CBD at ILGM.

11. Carmagnola CBD by ILGM

carmagnola cbd seeds

Carmagnola CBD by I love growing marijuana contains as little as 0.3% THC. CBD should be 6-9%. These seeds come from an Italian hemp strain from the Turin area, hence its beautiful name.

The overview says these plants can grow quite large and produce 14 to 17 ounces per square meter of resinous buds covered in trichomes. Further down in the description, however, it states you may be able to pull up to 6 pounds out of that same square meter. Not bad, for a plain hemp plant, right?

While she does best with a decent amount of space, Carmagnola CBD is an easy and hardy plant to grow. If you can give her the Mediterranean conditions of her country of origin, this strain will thrive for sure.

Find Carmagnola CBD at I love growing marijuana.

12. 1:20 THC:CBD by DrSeeds

1 20 thc cbd seeds

A new creation at DrSeeds, as the name gives away this strain has been bred to contain twenty times as much CBD as THC. The THC levels can hover between 0.3 and 0.8% but should remain under 1%. CBD will be somewhere between 11 and 20%.

Those aren’t the only variables here – the seeds can also produce two different phenotypes. If you get one with Sativa characteristics, her flowers will be stronger. In the case of an Indica, she’ll be easier to grow, produce more dense buds and overall higher yield.

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Yields are up to 400 grams per square meter indoors and up to 800 grams per plant outdoors. This 1:20 THC:CBD strain is also rich in other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, THCV, and CBDV and quite mold resistant.

DrSeeds also gives us some insight into its lineage. Among others, there’s ACDC, Sour Diesel, as well as Columbian, Thai, and Nepalese landraces.

Check out 1:20 THC:CBD here.

13. CBD Jack Herer by DrSeeds

cbd jack herer

CBD Jack Herer is a fast and easy grower. Like a typical Sativa, she’ll get tall – we’re talking six feet plus – so mindful space management is a good idea! Switching to a 12-12 light schedule early on and keeping in mind plants easily double in size during flowering should give you some control over their length. Expect to harvest in around seven weeks.

CBD Jack Herer’s fragrance and flavor are fresh with notes of pine and spice.

The original Jack Herer strain was already a medicinal one, with its uplifting head buzz making it perfect for daytime use. Now with increased CBD levels, the effect is a happy and energetic high that is much less pronounced on the psychoactive front.

If keeping a clear mind and remaining functional is what you’re after, a strain like this one with 6-8% THC and an equal amount of CBD (6-8%) to offset the impact of the first is definitely worth a try.

CBD Jack Herer at DrSeeds.

Why the label “high CBD” used to be somewhat interpretative.

The ambiguity surrounding what exactly qualifies as a high CBD content stems from the fact that so many strains, through purposeful breeding, contain incredibly high amounts of THC.

Back in the seventies, hippies flocked to Afghanistan in Volkswagen minivans adorned with hand-painted flowers… The marijuana strains native to Afghanistan were in fact fairly tame. Low-ish in THC by today’s standards, and with a more balanced cannabinoid profile including naturally occurring amounts of CBD.

Since then, the main focus of end-users for the better part of the past decades has been on THC. Makers of new genetics responded by primarily breeding cannabis strains with ever-increasing THC levels, and virtually no CBD.

Even a cannabis strain with little CBD is sometimes categorized as “high”. There simply are so many other strains that contain none, or barely any. With the increasing number of strain hitting the shelves that actually are high in CBD, this is less and less likely to occur.

Another detail to keep in mind is that it is impossible for seed banks to guarantee exact cannabinoid amounts in the plants you’ll be growing. Whether referring to CBD or THC, the given percentages are guidelines or rough estimates. Typically not too rough of an estimate, but still. 😉

Comparing namesake strains

Now, about this recent explosion of newly developed high CBD strains… Different breeders have come out with very similar or even “the same” strains. However, due to the many factors that come into play when producing a new strain, they are not actually identical.

  • CBD Harlequin by DrSeeds, 1:18 contains 1% THC and 18% CBD
  • Harlequin by ILGM contains up to 7% THC and 5-10% CBD
  • CBDiesel by Crop King Seeds has only 0.25% THC and up to 20% CBD
  • CBD Diesel by DrSeeds contains 6-8% of each CBD and THC
  • OG Kush CBD by ILGM contains 1% or less of THC and 15% CBD
  • CBD OG Kush by DrSeeds matches that with identical numbers.

Bottom line

There are many ways to interact with cannabidiol and experience its effects. The effects of CBD are far less blatant than those of its psychoactive counterpart THC, but cannabidiol has fascinating properties of its own!

Strains with equal amounts of THC and CBD are a great fit for anyone experiencing THC-induced paranoia when using the typical high THC strains. The latter typically contain barely any CBD.

Strains with more CBD and less THC could also be a better fit for daytime use or any time you want to remain fairly functional.

High CBD strains with very little to no THC at all don’t have as much of the psychoactive effect induced by tetra-hydro-cannabinol – if any at all. It’s basically hemp, except that it isn’t. These types of strains are often used to help children with serious medical conditions.

Experimenting with different cannabinoids in different proportions can be most interesting. Over time and through experience, you’ll discover which type of strain best agrees with you. Hopefully, this overview can be of help in narrowing down the high CBD seed options.

With the abundance of high CBD seeds available through online seed banks, the hardest part is to choose; then again, nobody said you need to restrict yourself to just one strain at a time.

If you have tried growing or otherwise used any of these strains, let us know in the comments!

Featured image courtesy of Don Goofy.

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