Ministry of Cannabis Review

ministry of cannabis review

In this complete Ministry of Cannabis review, we’ll be looking at every detail from the order process, strain selection, to their customer service, and more.

Shopping/User Experience

Ministry of Cannabis is an online seed bank based out of Barcelona, Spain. The company has just renewed the look of their website. It has to be said that the ‘old’ one (pictured below) already looked great.

Ministry of Cannabis website front page

Some of the most important things you might want to know jump right out on the homepage. (Discretion, worldwide shipping, their germination guarantee, as well as the latest strains and special offers…)

Their new look is no less sharp, check it out:

ministry of cannabis new website 1
ministry of cannabis new website 2
ministry of cannabis new website 3

The main menu has tabs for feminized seeds, auto-flowering strains, mix packs, and the recently added section with CBD seeds. Behind the merchandise tab, are some T-shirts and a couple of ‘Ministry of Cannabis’ branded grinders on display.

There are eight language choices and three currency options to choose from. Especially the ability to see prices in your own currency is nice.

These little menus are up in the right corner:

Ministry of Cannabis languages
ministry of cannabis currencies

Marijuana Strains

At the time of writing, the Ministry of Cannabis has twelve strains in the feminized section, ten auto-flowering ones, and four high-CBD strains.

Feminized seeds

Of the feminized ones, Carnival, God’s Glue, Mandarin Haze, Northern Lights MOC, CBD Star, Ultra White Amnesia, White Widow, and Zensation all have five-star reviews. However, the clear winner when it comes to having a raving fan club is Big Bud XXL.

Big Bud XXL has more than just a few folks singing her praise. That’s both new and repeat customers. The plant’s size and yield stand out, though the name probably tipped you off on that!

big bud xxl ministry of cannabis
Big Bud XXL (Photo credit: Ministry of Cannabis)

Auto-flowering strains

As for the stars of the auto-flowering section, the one with the most positive reviews is Autopilot XXL, the auto-flowering version of Big Bud XXL.

autopilot xxl ministry of cannabis
Autopilot XXL (Ministry of Cannabis)

While autos typically yield less than feminized strains, some produce more than others. Autopilot XXL is great for beginners, being an easy to grow and forgiving plant.

Here are some more of the highest yielding auto-flowering strains across various of the best online seed banks.

Auto White Widow, Auto Cheese NL, Auto Blueberry Domina, and Auto Blue Amnesia are the runners up in popularity.

CBD seeds

If you want strains that are high in CBD and low to very low in THC, check out the MOC’s high-CBD seeds. CBD Star and Cannabis Light both come in a feminized or auto-flowering version. Cannabis Light is a Sativa dominant with less than 1% THC for 12-15% CBD and CBD Star is an Indica dominant with equal amounts of each cannabinoid, around 12%.

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That’s two very different but both equally exciting additions to the increasing number of high CBD strains home growers have access to. Our shortlist of the best & most promising high-CBD strains obviously had to include these little gems.

Shipping & Privacy

Shipping starts at 10 euros for European countries and 9 euros for the rest of the world.

Costs depend on the service and carrier, and so does the availability of a tracking number. During the checkout process, you’ll be able to view the accurate and country-appropriate shipping fees and options before completing an order.

Orders over 75 euros qualify for free shipping with registered mail.

Seeds are taken out of their original packaging. They ship in small transparent bags marked with only the initials of the strain, with bubble wrap or some other type of protection. The outside of the package is discreet and inoffensive. Registered mail does require a signature upon reception.


The Ministry of Cannabis accepts most payment methods.

Bitcoin. Entirely digital and fully anonymous.

Moneygram. Only for payments of 100 euros and up.

Cash. Please make sure nothing is visible from the outside. While not required, it is strongly suggested to use registered mail. Sending cash is always risky, but if this is how you want to pay, it’s good to know the Ministry of Cannabis accepts a few different currencies: Euro, US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars or GB pounds.

Bank transfer. Wire the funds to the bank account details on the order confirmation page. Obviously, the amount has to arrive at its destination a.k.a. the Ministry of Cannabis’s account before the order can be shipped out.

Credit or Debit card. For discretion purposes, your statement will not show ‘Ministry of Cannabis’ but a more neutral company name.

Note that most of the above payment methods will be charged in euros and/or must be paid in euros. Cash is the exception, allowing for the aforementioned foreign currencies.

Guaranteed Delivery

Very few places sell seeds in quantities as low as two. This makes the Ministry of Cannabis the perfect spot to:

  • get just a couple of seeds, or to…
  • build a larger order with a lot more variety than would be possible elsewhere.
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The best part is: Delivery of seeds is guaranteed! If your package gets lost in transit for any reason and you don’t receive it after 30 days, the Ministry of Cannabis will re-ship your order one more time for free.

Tip: Do you like the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed delivery? These seed banks can guarantee the delivery of your order. Speaking of guarantees, certain seed banks guarantee their seeds to sprout.

Guaranteed germination

You may be wondering how the guarantee on the successful sprouting of cannabis seeds works – or whether the Ministry of Cannabis really does come through on this.

Yes, they do.

Please keep in mind that if a seed bank gives some kind of guarantee on the sprouting of their seed, there usually is a fine print. Being asked to answer a few questions is normal, not to mention fair.

In the case of the Ministry of Cannabis, after reaching out about an issue with the sprouting of seeds, you’ll be asked to answer the following questions, quoting from the problem and solutions page on their website:

We test all of our strains regularly; if there is a problem with germination, please send us a message with a complete description of the procedure used to germinate the seeds. We need as much of the following information as possible:

– medium used (soil, rock wool, cotton, paper napkin etc)
– if the medium was pre-fertilised or contained fertiliser
– depth of the seeds (specify cm or inches)
– temperature
– quantity and quality of the water supplied (pure or with fertiliser)

Feel free to add as many details as you can. Please do not write in the message phrases such as “I have 30 years of experience” or so; we are not interested in your experience but rather in how our seeds have been treated in this specific circumstance.

We will carefully review your message, and send you a possible diagnosis of the problem and the solution. If the problem was caused by the seeds, we will send a replacement or a coupon discount, at our sole discretion. We do not refund the order.

If you bought our seed by a reseller, we will need a copy of the invoice or receipt, else we cannot assist you.

Does the Ministry of Cannabis give free seeds with an order?


Expect one free seed if the order value is under 50 euros. Orders between 50 and 120 euros get two free seeds. For every 120 euro order and up, they add five free seeds.

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Customer Service

Pretty much everyone will agree that the utmost important thing when it comes to any and all types of business, whether online or off, is the customer service component.

There are lots of online seed banks. At any one of them, you could place an order and simply hope for the best.

It’s one thing to hope for the best and take a chance of everything working out as expected.

On the other hand, it sure feels a whole lot better to know for sure that a company comes through on the customer service end. Without that, any purchase is not much more than a gamble.

The Ministry of Cannabis takes this part as seriously as the rest. They’re responsive and won’t leave you hanging. That’s based on personal experience, but it seems to be in line with what other people say in the online cannabis community.

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Ministry of Cannabis Review: Summary

The Ministry of Cannabis is an excellent place to shop for cannabis seeds. Truly one of the best. Our experience with them has been great. If you’re on the fence about ordering from this seed bank, here are the pros and cons.

Where the Ministry of Cannabis stands out:

  • responsive customer service
  • availability of small quantities, as low as two seeds
  • shipping is affordable and worldwide
  • many of their strains have rave reviews
  • germination is guaranteed (up to 90%)

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