Rocket Seeds Cannabis Seed Bank Review

rocket seeds review

Rocket Seeds is a Canadian seed bank that ships marijuana seeds to customers all over the world. In this review, we’ll take a close look at what Rocket Seeds has to offer and its reputation. Simply put: whether said customers are happy.

Because that’s the most important consideration when ordering cannabis seeds online: doing so from a legit and trustworthy place. So that you can start focusing on growing, and… you know – all the other hurdles that stand between you and home-grown dank buds.

Where is Rocket Seeds located?

Rocket Seeds has a business address listed, which puts them on the map in New York. There isn’t much else to be found about the company.

For lack of further information, I tuned in to the chat service. Turns out, Rocket Seeds is located in British Columbia but they also operate out of California and supply stores all over Canada and the US. They are owned by Crop King Seeds, one of the top Canadian seed banks.

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Our own, personal experience with this Canadian seed bank is limited but for lack thereof, we can learn a lot from independent reviews. People’s opinions on forums are also insightful. Independent reviews are those on other, third-party, websites.

Feedback customers leave on Rocketseeds’ own site is interesting as well, however, we have no way of knowing whether any negative reviews are being filtered out. That’s why, further down, we’ll take a close look at what the online community has to say about this seed bank on Trustpilot.

Rocket Seeds Website & Online Store

That’s a good-looking website, right there! The blue color scheme is visually pleasing. It’s also kind of different in the world of weed, where the default setting seems to be (unsurprisingly) green.

I’m especially loving the clear menu, the continuity between the name, the blue, and the space backdrops in another banner further down as well as some other text blocks.

Alright, if you’re not a design nerd I’ve probably lost you by now, so we’ll get back to the main topic, which obviously is not web design.

The thing we’re all trying to determine before trusting an online seed bank with our business is whether they are legit. Whether they can be trusted to come through after we toss them our shopping list accompanied by some hard-earned moolah.

Unfortunately, the scene of cannabis seed shops online appears to harbor an above-average ratio of crooks versus, let’s say, online retailers of books, clothes, or even vegetable/flower seeds.

Regardless of how unexciting you found my previous enthusiasm for logos, overall looks, color schemes, and intuitive layout, whether their website and online presence look good is not entirely irrelevant!

A company that takes the necessary measures to set up a proper storefront obviously takes itself seriously on some level. The expectation is that such care is reflective of a decent business ethos.

Not always the case – smoke and mirrors are after all a very effective tactic to lure people in. But typically, the shadiness factor tends to go up with a crappy, buggy site.

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The bottom line is that Rocket Seeds has an excellent window into the world. Their website is pleasant to navigate, well organized, and easy on the eye. It sets the scene for what one expects to be a dependable merchant.

Logistics of Ordering from Rocket Seeds

Accepted Payment Methods

Unfortunately, there are some sloppy (and rather strange) errors on the FAQ page.

There’s a list of seven accepted payment methods. The first one states ‘Major Credit questions’, specifically ‘Visa’ and ‘Master question’, among others.

Guys, come on – who’s your proofreader? Replace the word ‘questions’ with ‘cards’ and it makes sense. But is it really that hard to put up a frequently asked questions page that is free of blatant errors?

Other payment methods Rocket Seeds accepts are:

  • cash in the mail
  • Bitcoin
  • Money transfers
  • EMT Interact (Canadian)
  • PayPal
  • E-check (US-based customers)

Then, it says: “Please note, some payment methods are not available during checkout. Contact us for help.” This could refer to the payment methods that are country-specific.

Not a whole lot of online seed banks accept PayPal, so that’s a nice option here. From someone venting their frustration online, we have reason to believe that Rocket Seeds may have you do some legwork when using PayPal to pay for your order.

Do they make customers send them an invoice? That sounds odd, but I’m going to check on it. Anyhow, if PayPal is your preferred payment method, you’re probably fairly digitally savvy and not clueless as to how that would work either.


Rocket Seeds offers two options for shipping.

Free Shipping is available for an order total of over $200. Then there is Express Registered Shipping with tracking, which guarantees delivery. Quoting:

If you ordered the ‘Express Registered Shipping’ and your package is confiscated- we will reship your order for FREE.

We collect $10 regular reship fee only for Australia and New Zealand.

In North America, shipping should take around 5 to 7 business days. International delivery takes around 7 to 14 business days. Packages do not require signatures. Canadian customers receive their seed orders within 2 to 5 days.

Packaging & Discretion

For Canadian customers, seed ship in the original packaging. All other countries can expect seeds to show up in various random object that lend themselves to stealth shipping. For example: flash drives, flashlights, birthday questions, or pens.

It doesn’t say anything specifically about the outside of the mail but with the stealth shipping breakdown we can safely assume that they’re on top of that part too.

Marijuana Seed Selection

Rocket Seeds sells seeds from seven different seed banks: Beaver Seeds, Blimburn, Crop King Seeds, Mary Janes Garden Seeds, Rocketseeds, Sonoma Seeds, and Sunwest Genetics.

The highest number of strains are the in-house ones, as seen in the image below.

For a larger selection of seeds from brands other than Rocket Seeds, these companies also have their own website and online store. Crop King Seeds, for example, has a lot more than the 40 strains listed here. But as a one-stop-shop, it can be nice to tag on a few different brands to your order and try out a variety of strains.

Curious about Rocketseeds’ bestselling strains?

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At the top, you’ll find big names such as Gorilla Glue #4, Bruce Banner #3, Gelato, and Grand Daddy Purple. The number one spot at the time of writing is filled by a surprisingly less classic strain, Cafe Racer.

Cafe Racer is not exactly a classic (yet). It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple with an epic amount of THC, ranging from 25 to 35%.

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As for the strains with the most enthusiastic reviews, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Chocolate Chunk by Beaver Seeds │ Agent Orange by Sunwest Genetics

Lambs Breath by Crop King │ Bubba Kush by Crop King

24K Gold by Rocketseeds │ Black Indica by Crop King

Cheese Autoflower by Sunwest Genetics │ Tangerine Dream by Beaver Seeds

Cali OG Kush Haze by Crop King │ Afghani by Crop King

Cafe Racer by Blimburn │ Big Bud Fast Version (Rocketseeds)

While these are the best-reviewed strains on the first of over fifty pages, even the very top ones have a relatively low number of reviews (in the single digits).

Rocket Seeds does not breed strains themselves. They are a reseller of other brands and seeds bought in bulk, and then re-branded.

Guarantees on Delivery and Germination

The general consensus is that Rocket Seeds respects the shipping guarantee. So while you have to pay extra for it, this is worth getting to cover any risks. They’ve sent out replacement orders to many different customers whose packages ended up being either lost in the mail or confiscated.

There’s also a good amount of testimonials reporting how they’ve been sent a replacement for seeds with issues sprouting.

How to reach out for a replacement, if your order doesn’t arrive, or if you have issues with germination: there are lots of ways to contact Rocket Seeds. They have an online contact form, an email address, a phone number, and a chat service.

The chat service is a little clunky – more on that below; the phone has proven to be a better way to get in touch with Rocket Seeds. And if you prefer written (typed) text, there’s always email. Here’s the contact page.

Rocket Seeds - MJ Seeds For Sale Space Man 300x250

Customer Service

As of yet, I am not one of Rocket Seeds’ paying customers but might become one if they manage to convince me with excellent customer service. While the quality of strains (and seeds) are important, a proper attitude towards customers (both current as potentially soon-to-be ones) is no less crucial.

When I enthusiastically try to connect with their chat service, a few things happen. It is fairly normal to have some waiting time before being connected with a representative. When it’s finally my turn, the time between answers is abnormally long. A few times I’m convinced they’ve forgotten about me until a reply comes through. Until it doesn’t, and that’s how the chat fizzles out.

Waiting five to ten minutes in between questions to get an answer seems to be the norm here. At least that’s how it went for me on a few different occasions. At that rate, would it almost be better to not have a chat service at all? Seriously, some companies send reply emails faster.

Okay – moving on to the phone number.

There is a very short wait. Soon enough, I’m having a nice chat with a very friendly chap, who patiently answers my questions about the delivery guarantee, the 80% germination guarantee, and their relationship with Blimburn Seeds.

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Rocket Seeds Reviews

Rocket Seeds has claimed their profile, which is good practice. Unfortunately, they’ve only responded to 11% of their negative reviews. However, overall the reviews are great and in line with their neat online storefront.

It looks as though this is a rather new company with not a whole lot of history. A solid four stars on Trustpilot is a good score, even if there are only 115 reviews in total. But you could do a whole lot worse in the world of online cannabis seed banks.

So far, most points in the direction of Rocket Seeds deserving a chance to establish themselves.

Rocket Seeds - Blast Into Spring With Rocket Seeds Facebook Banner 1200x628

Is Rocket Seeds Legit?

Rocket Seeds is a legit seller of cannabis seeds online. There is no doubt that they are a ‘real’ company. Voices from the crowd vary from utmost satisfied to negative.

Most online seed banks catch a few negative reviews on occasion. As do most other businesses, online or off.

There’s always someone who thinks delivery times are too long, who spouts their venom publicly instead of reaching out to the place itself for help, or who forgets to amend a bad review after the issue has been taken care of to everyone’s satisfaction. As for the positive reviews, they could be impartial; or they could be left by friends in order to artificially boost the ratings.

Those are the things to keep in mind when digging through testimonials. More important than a complete absence of bad reviews is how the company responds to/deals with them.

Strikes against Rocket Seeds:

  • It would be reassuring if they put in the effort to respond publicly to their most recent negative reviews on Trustpilot.
  • The chat service could be more hands-on.

What Rocket Seeds is doing well:

  • An awesome, professional-looking website.
  • Overall, there are more reviews left by happy customers than by unhappy ones, and they’re detailed.
  • Many confirm that they re-ship lost or confiscated seeds.
  • They have a nice selection, a good variety of strains.

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