Super Rad List of Online Seed Banks with Guaranteed Delivery

online seed banks with guaranteed delivery

Having come this far in life, you probably don’t need a DNA test to know whether you enjoy a gamble or not. It doesn’t really matter whether this is true or not, because the topic here isn’t gambling, but seed banks with guaranteed delivery.

For argument’s sake, there is – alledgedy – some genetic predisposition for gambling. I may have come across certain proof of this statement in an extract a while back. Until I actually relocate said study, or another one along those lines, guess I’ll be wondering whether maybe I just heard it in a movie. (Gattaca comes to mind.)

Not that the two are mutually exclusive per se. Movies often draw inspiration from actual science. Either way, I disgress – back to the topic of making sure the marijuana seeds you order report to your address for duty. Or pleasure.

Guaranteed delivery seed banks: Overview + Specifics

Do you prefer a degree of certainty when it comes to receiving your order of cannabis seeds? These are the best online seed banks offering some kind of guaranteed delivery.

Terms and conditions regarding shipping and guarantees, as well as potential additional fees covering such services, can be very different from one seed bank to the next, so I thought it would be nice to have it all in one overview.


At Seedsupreme, international shipping is just short of US $15. This includes tracking and stealthy packaging. You can tag on guaranteed delivery for US $10.45.

Note that the above applies to a select 33 countries only (check out the list on Seedsupreme). Countries not on the shortlist can still place an order, but the seeds will ship without tracking and delivery is not guaranteed – even if you purchase the additional US $10.45.

Go to Seedsupreme


Guaranteed stealth shipping is the third delivery option, after standard shipping (£4.95) and stealth shipping (£9.95). It costs £15.95 and may require a signature upon reception, but you can add a note to your order if you prefer not to sign for it.

If after 25 working days your seeds still haven’t shown up, they’ll be resent free of charge.

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Also: the guaranteed stealth delivery becomes cheaper the larger the order. Spend over £55 and its price goes down to £10.95, over £150 it is only £4.95, and over £250 completely free.

I’m sorry for the amounts being in pounds sterling if that’s not your currency. Conversion is subject to such change that it doesn’t make much sense for me to add those numbers. The MSNL website can be set to show various currencies, but doing so only affects the prices of actual products, not the amounts embedded in text.

Here’s a small conversion tool to play around with:

Currency Converter by OANDA

SunWest Genetics

Canadian seed bank SunWest Genetics says about five percent of their shipments are seized at the border. To qualify for guaranteed delivery, choose the $30 or $60 express shipping option.

SunWest Genetics ships to all countries around the world. Customers in Australia and New Zealand are charged a $10 reship fee, should the seeds get confiscated.

True North Seed Bank

Canadian seed bank True North has guaranteed delivery insurance available for purchase separately. It’s CA $15 – on top of whichever are the shipping costs to your country – and covers all international (and Canadian) mailing addresses.

True North explicitly mentions they will reship your order until you receive it, which is quite unique. They’re at the very top of our reviewed Canadian seed banks for good reason.

Go to True North Seed Bank

Crop King Seeds

International shipping starts at $30, a second option being $60 express shipping. Both cover guaranteed delivery.

This guarantee does not apply to every country: Crop King Seeds specifically states they won’t be responsible for seized merchandise to Australia or New Zealand.

If you’re located in one of these two countries, you are allowed to use the cheaper $10 shipping (not available to other international customers) as well as one of the more expensive shipping options – either way, delivery is not guaranteed.

Slightly confusing is how it says further down the FAQ page, right under the part where Crop King Seeds promises to reship confiscated orders, that only the $10 regular shipping fee applies to Australia and New Zealand. After re-reading the page a few times, my conclusion is that they don’t mean that seized seeds will be re-sent there for an additional ten bucks. It seems to be another referral to the earlier mentioned point of that being the only shipping method available, as such excluding these two countries from the guaranteed delivery policy. But it’s a little confusing.

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I love growing marijuana

I love growing marijuana is one of the best online seed banks. Maybe you’ve heard of them before in relation to their free Grow Bible. Located in the Netherlands, this company ships worldwide, for free, and guarantees the delivery of every order.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand are charged $25, but only if the order total is under $150.

If 25 business days pass and nothing shows up, check in for a re-send. The only requirement is that you do so within 90 days from the initial shipping date. That isn’t too much to ask, right?

Go to I love growing marijuana

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Hard to beat these top notch Dutch seed banks when it comes to customer service… Here’s another one.

Free worldwide shipping and guaranteed delivery, all included. The only thing you need to do is decide on which strains to choose. Not that that’s always a quick (or easy) task, ha!

Go to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds


With this many seed banks offering guaranteed delivery, there really isn’t any good reason to “chance it” as far as your order of cannabis seeds is concerned. Save the gambling for poker night… 😉

A few thoughts to wrap things up

Word on the street is that mail from the Netherlands is slightly more prone to interception by US customs than mail coming from Canada. Canadian seed banks love to flaunt this tidbit of (unfounded) information in our faces, but then again – they would say as much, right?

Someone I know was able to confirm this urban myth from experience.

His order from AMS had to be sent twice, which they did for free as promised on their website, and without any hassle. A second order placed with True North seed bank came in lightning fast, and without hitting any snags.

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If that is any evidence at all, please keep in mind that it is purely anecdotal. The opposite could easily have happened, and probably has to someone else.

Choices, choices.

Both Dutch and Canadian online seed banks are top of the line when it comes to guaranteed delivery. The ones from the United Kingdom mentioned on this page stand out, because few British seed banks ship outside of the European Union.

Bottom line

If you want your seeds faster, with (maybe) less chance of being picked up at customs and don’t mind paying extra for shipping, Canadian seed banks are the way to go.

Dutch seed banks are a great choice if you aren’t in a huge rush and free shipping (+ guaranteed delivery) sounds like music to your ears.

That is… strains and varieties exclusively available at a specific seed bank aside, of course. Sometimes, you just want something and it is only available through one of these seed banks.

Do you have a favorite place to shop cannabis seeds or a quirky delivery story to share? Let us know in the comments!

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