Sonoma Seeds, Complete Review of the Canadian Online Seed Bank

sonoma seeds review

Sonoma Seeds is a Canadian seed bank. They ship cannabis seeds worldwide, with a few exceptions. In this review, we’ll take a close look at what Sonoma Seeds has to offer and its reputation.

The most important considerations when ordering marijuana seeds online are:

  • actually recieving the order,
  • the seeds being of good quality, and
  • being able to depend on excellent customer service in case there is an issue.

Basically, you want the place you order from to be legit and trustworthy. The best seed banks are those that take care of their customers so that they can focus on growing. While not all online seed banks seem to get this, it is in their own best interest, since happy customers will come back for more!

Sonoma Seeds: What & Where

Sonoma Seeds has very little information listed to determine their physical whereabouts. They’re on the West coast and on Pacific time.

Now there are a few different cannabis seed banks under the same business umbrella of the better-known Crop King Seeds. Rocket Seeds is one of them. So it makes sense that the same set-up would apply to Sonoma Seeds.

Just like their ‘sister stores’ Rocket Seeds, Beaver Seeds, Mary Janes Garden Seeds, and Sunwest Genetics, Sonoma Seeds is located in British Columbia, while also operating out of California, and having supply stores all over Canada and the US.

Our own, personal experience with this Canadian seed bank is limited. Nevertheless, independent reviews and some digging online can reveal a lot of information. People’s opinions on forums are also insightful. By independent reviews, we mean the ones on other, third-party, websites.

Feedback customers leave on a company’s own site is interesting as well, however, we have no way of knowing whether any negative reviews are being moderated. There lies the value of perusing the online community and reviews on Trustpilot.

Sonoma Seeds Website & Online Store

sonoma seeds website storefront

The Sonoma Seeds website and online storefront look modern and visually pleasing. They have a professional-looking online presence.

This is important, while also being just one portion of determining whether they are legit. Just because a company makes their window to the world look ‘popping’ doesn’t mean they are necessarily trustworthy, right? We appreciate the experience… but will dive much deeper below.

The most important information is clear at first glance. Further down, you’ll find seeds organized by type with a few fun strains getting the spotlight in a ‘featured’ section.


Now as good as those pictures look, what you really want to know is whether an online seed bank is legit and trustworthy. Because if you don’t get your seeds, or if they lack in the customer support area and you’re stuck with a lemon, then what’s the point, aye?

Ordering cannabis seeds usually involves dropping a few dollars. There are great places to do so, and there are those that lead to frustration and/or disappointment. So which one is Sonoma Seeds?

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The decent-looking web store is a good sign, but not a tell-all. However, a company that takes the necessary measures to set up a proper storefront obviously takes itself seriously on some level.

Can we expect such care to be reflective of a decent business ethos? Often yes. But unfortunately, not always. Read on for more details.

Sonoma Seeds: Order Process & Logistics

Accepted Payment Methods

Sonoma Seeds accepts the following five ways to pay for merchandise:

Money Transfer – When using this payment method you will be sent an email with full instructions on how to transfer your payment.

Interac e-Transfer – This payment method is available for Canadian customers. If you’re Canadian, we’ll assume you’ve heard of it. After placing your order, instructions will be sent to your email on how to complete this payment.

Cash – Wrap your cash in tin foil or paper, place it in an envelope with your order number and submit it to the address we send you after you place your order. Cash is by far the most untraceable way to buy your seeds. Once Sonoma Seeds receives your payment your order will be sent out right away. (To which I’d like to add: If they receive the payment. Sending cash is always iffy – no pun intended – but I understand that some people may have no other choice.)

Bitcoin – The most modern way to pay for cannabis seeds. Cryptocurrency is becoming one of the most secure ways to pay for goods. Whether it is easy, as stated on Sonoma Seeds’ website, remains to be seen. After selecting this payment you will receive instructions on which bitcoin wallet to send your payment to.

Tip: If you’re unfamiliar with how these things work, I recommend taking a crash course in cryptocurrency first. You can learn a lot on YouTube or via Google.

Credit Card – You can pay for your Sonoma seeds the same way you buy everything else online. The name that shows up on your credit card statement will not be identifiable as to what you bought, making your purchase discreet.

For credit cards, there is a 10% processing fee for Visa and Mastercard.


Sonoma Seeds offers free shipping once your order totals $200.

Express Tracking for the U.S and Canada is $20 and comes with a tracking number. For Canada, shipping times are 3-5 days, and for the U.S 7-14 days. Shipping to Albania or Bahrain (just a few random examples) appears to also be $20, though the delivery time may be much longer.

For all countries outside the United States and Canada, Sonoma Seeds requires International Shipping with Tracking, which will set you back $30. This makes international shipping more accurate and it means they guarantee you receive your order.

Packaging & Discretion

Canadian customers receive seeds in the original packaging. For all other countries, seeds are sealed for freshness but not in retail packaging.

This means you can expect seeds to show up in various random objects that lend themselves to stealth shipping. For example flash drives, flashlights, birthday questions, or pens.

It doesn’t say anything specifically about the outside of the mail but with the stealth shipping breakdown, we can safely assume that they’re on top of that part too.

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Marijuana Seed Selection

In the top menu, we can select from Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and high-CBD seeds. In the footer, there are a few more categories such as feminized, regular, and autoflowering seeds.

Undecided about what to get at Sonoma Seeds?

These are their top products:

Blueberry OG Feminized

The link leads to the Blueberry OG Regular seeds. Can happen… but it’s a bit sloppy. Here’s the link to Blueberry OG feminized seeds.

White Widow Autoflower

A real classic you can get at almost every self-respecting online seed bank. White widow is a great resistant and robust strain that should forgive many beginning growers a small mistake here or there.

white widow autoflower sonoma seeds

Hawaiian Gold Autoflower

Some strains carry the word ‘Hawaii’ in their name, without having an actual bond with the islands. If it smells or tastes tropical, might as well name it after this paradise on earth.

Now, if you’re in Hawaii (fo real), maybe check out this article on the best strains to grow in Hawaii (and throw in a comment about your experience!).

Otherwise, Hawaiian Gold should give you a nice sense of those relaxed island vibes.

hawaiian gold autoflower sonoma seeds

Northern Light Feminized

Which is also an incorrect link and directs to the homepage. Here are the various Northern Lights-related strains Sonoma carries.

Sonoma Seeds Customer Service

Sonoma Seeds has an online chat service. They are reachable by phone as well. The customer service looks great on paper, in that it is excellent practice to guarantee both the delivery and sprouting of seeds.

Of course, the next step in this service is to actually follow through with said promises. We’ve done a thorough analysis of reviews in all the different places online, so more on that further down.

Sonoma Seeds: Overall Trustwortiness

Now I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of Sonoma Seeds so far. Perhaps you are wondering whether I have ordered from this seed bank myself. The answer is no – not yet at least.

Why not, and would I order from Sonoma Seeds?

As of now, the answer is maybe.

You’re likely weighing your options in a similar way as I do. If you’re going to order seeds and drop a few dollars, would you rather do so at an online seed bank you trust, or make the shopping somewhat of a gamble?

As of yet, I am not one of Sonoma Seeds’ paying customers. This might change if one of their strains really stands out. But I’m super happy with the special deals at ILGM and trust them to have my back if something goes awry.

I understand that negative reviews aren’t always preventable. Also true: even after you reach out to the customer and pamper them to the moon to ‘fix’ things, they might not ever amend their initial review.

So while knowing this, I do still find the reputation of Sonoma Seed a little too ‘choppy’.

If there were nothing better out there, they’d be a good option. However, compared to certain other online seed banks I’ve come to trust, Sonoma Seeds will have a tough time stealing our business away from them.

Another part of what’s holding me back: the hefty shipping costs and extra charge for guaranteed delivery.

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At ILGM, this is all included. ILGM’s prices are on the higher end. However, they run many special deals all year long (10+10 free seeds). This more than makes up for being pricy and you still get the same awesome guarantees.

Sonoma Seeds Reviews

As said before, Sonoma Seeds’ online reviews are where things get a bit choppy.

On ‘Google Reviews’, folks complain about cracked seeds, male plants, and no response from Sonoma Seeds when reaching out for a replacement. There are not many reviews so far, and also some excellent five-star ones.

Normally, Trustpilot is quite telling when it comes to assessing whether a company has good manners. Unfortunately, Sonoma Seeds’ account has been suspended.

Another flag? Perhaps – though it could also just be part of the anti-cannabis movement.

Is Sonoma Seeds Legit?

Sonoma Seeds is without a doubt a legit seller of cannabis seeds online. There is no ambiguity around the fact that they are a ‘real’ company.

However, there are also a few disgruntled customers voicing their frustration. Most online seed banks catch a few negative reviews on occasion. As do most other businesses, online or off.

Strikes against Sonoma Seeds:

  • Reviews are not unamymously positive.
  • Some rather crucial links on the website are not working properly.
  • Guaranteed delivery policies are not explained in the most clear manner.
  • Shipping and guaranteed delivery aren’t free.

What Sonoma Seeds is doing well:

  • The website and online store are well done.
  • They have a nice selection, a good variety of strains.
  • Lots of great reviews and testimonials on the individual strain profile pages.
  • Sonoma Seeds guarantees an 80% germination rate under certain conditions.

So there you have it – this is the most thorough review of Sonoma Seeds, at least from someone who has not tried the seed bank personally. I hope I’ve given you some insightful facts and pointers. Let us know in the comments if your experience with this place is on par… or different!

And if you prefer to browse elsewhere, check out Best Canadian Seed Banks: Quality & Trustworthiness Rule! for other options (and more condensed reviews of each spot). Also – if it doesn’t need to be Canadian per se… Definitely take a peek at this compilation of the Best Dutch Seed Banks. There are some great picks, especially for folks ordering from the US, Europe, or Australia.

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