Stocking Stuffers for Stoners [ed. 2018] Merryjuana Xmas!

stocking stuffers for stoners marijuana gift ideas

Ready to stuff the stockings of your friends or family members who share a certain love and appreciation for cannabis? Not quite, you say? Well, how about a dose of inspiration.

Best gifts & stocking stuffers for stoners

First off, maybe you or the person you’re shopping for doesn’t really identify with the label stoner. But recreational and/or medical marijuana users doesn’t sound nearly as poetic in combination with “stocking stuffers”.

Even though in some circles a negative stigma surrounds the term stoners, over here at herbmedix it is most definitely meant in the nicest possible way. 

Whether it is your twenty-something nephew who just got back from a long weekend in Colorado (again), your sixty-something hippie grandma, or your friend with chronic back pain who was able to ditch his med’s after discovering cannabis and won’t shut up about Big Pharma (*) you have in mind, I hope you’ll be able to track down an awesome find to surprise them with here.

(*) No sarcasm here, he’s probably right.

Peace and Politics

Christmas is potentially the occasion for extended family members to get together. Aaand… not everyone who shares blood shares political views. So let’s say you’re not the provocative type (or maybe you promised your mom you wouldn’t be, this time around). 

The lucky recipient unwrapping something obviously marijuana related would be stoked, but unfortunately such a freshly unwrapped trinket might also be just what your slightly bored and beyond slightly tipsy republican uncle needs to replay the good ol’ tape of his opinion. Followed by an unpleasant and unnecessary tense conversation – the living room equivalent of the polarized politics surrounding cannabis legalization.

Gift ideas for marijuana users that are completely legal everywhere 

It can be challenging for some to not venture off into a political debate about legalization as far as weed is concerned. 

With this time of the year being about peace and all… 

The good news is that some of these stocking stuffers are related to the cannabis plant, all while being a lot more discrete. Great low-profile items that won’t fuel the fire of the hypothetical uncle mentioned earlier. However, a marijuana enthusiast on the receiving end will for sure get the message, and give you a fat wink in return.

Judgement free zone

Some people shop for Christmas presents way ahead of time. Others wait until the last moment to frantically gather presents for loved ones. 

If that’s you (too), it looks like you’ve just turned to the internet for suggestions. Hey, this is a judgement-free zone. Whether stuffing that stocking or piling up presents under the Christmas tree is weeks, days or mere hours away, I’ll try to present (pun!) you with options.

If you happen to be cutting it very close when reading this, be sure to check out the last-minute section. It has some stocking stuffer & gift tips that should still be realistically achievable at the eleventh hour.

On a personal note

On a scale from one to ten, how hectic is your life these days?

I’ve been meaning to publish this article in September, then it became October, November, and here we are. December.

It was supposed to be a full-fledged Holiday gift guide on steroids. But the year is drawing to an end, and that ultimate compilation of marijuana themed presents is far from ready.

While trying to silence the nagging little voice in my head whispering stuff about poor time management and procrastination, I basically have two options. Abandon half way through and shelf for next year, or turn into a fashionably late whirlwind of suggestions.

Now that this article has become more of a column with Christmas musings, and a mad dash of stocking stuffer ideas in the tail section, the aim is for it it be useful nonetheless! Which is why I’ve slightly shifted the focus from a curated selection of things to a list of places where you’ll find some real nice things for cannabis enthusiasts.


Why yes, Amazon has e. v. e. r. y. t. h. i. n. g. Basics such as a good grinder (this one has over 2200 reviews and a rare full five stars!) or some hemp wick, odd finds like these pink weed leaf socks for men. and don’t forget to browse the books section. Bong Appetit! : Mastering the art of cooking with weed, for example, looks quite enticing.

And did you know you can gift a Prime membership?

Free shipping on countless items is perhaps the least glamorous part of Prime, but super handy. If someone likes to shop online, they’ll think of you with gratitude all throughout the year.

In our household, the part of an Amazon Prime membership we value most is the immense library of movies, TV shows and documentaries. I don’t have to tell you that would be a dream gift for someone who likes to get high and zone out. 😉


If you don’t yet know Society6, it’s a funky world of independent artists and their wild creations. Society6 stands out with:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Hassle-free return & refund policies
  • Regular discounts and free shipping

The quality of the artwork and designs ranges from fairly generic to totally mind blowing. People shop here for the out-of-the-ordinary and can take home the artwork that resonates with them printed on almost anything. Fine art paper (predictable) – as is, or readily framed – as well as pillows, mugs, phone cases, stickers, rugs, bedding, totes, pouches, clocks and many more unexpected items.

From $3 stickers to $120 comforters, this is a must-see for stocking stuffers in general, and in particular when it comes to finding original gifts for stoners. Stay tuned to special offers and discounts by subscribing to their newsletter.


Zazzle is a similar site to Society6, but with less really good art and much less focus on the participating artists. While being more generic, Zazzle does also have more items. From a printed tie to a marijuana leaf “vegan” button, a vintage wake and bake button, a complete towel set with hemp leaves, or even a night light.

Browse everything cannabis related on Zazzle here.

Free shipping is available but comes at a price: it’s called Zazzle black, a yearly subscription for a small fee of around $10. Different shipping options, the cheaper ones (in combination with production times) are not ideal when in a rush. Customer service is good: Zazzle promises 100% satisfaction. “If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll take it back!”


VaporNation is the place to be for vaporizers, glass and pipes. As a vaporizer superstore and headshop, VaporNation makes shopping outside of Amazon worth your while by offering free shipping and regularly running attractive special offers & deals.

The glass with walnut wood accents by Marley Natural is especially stunning.


Dr. Ganja is a one-stop-shop for everything CBD. Gummies, tinctures, balms… and even CBD infused tea or coffee, which comes in a nice box that gifts well. The CBD skincare is – of course – not tested on animals.

Oh, and one more thing! If you go to Dr. Ganja (link above) they also have CBD flower. That’s dried flower, and it looks exactly the same as marijuana with THC, except that it doesn’t contain any. Use coupon code HMX5 for 5% off anything ordered from Dr. Ganja.

Rasta Empire

Way too many great finds at Rasta Empire. If reggae style is up your alley, you’ll want to stuff your own stocking here too.

This little onesie: definitive hit for a soon-to-be or new parent. Babies and marijuana are two subjects that don’t always blend in an appropriate manner, and while (jokingly) highly inappropriate apparel can be fun, it’s also refreshing to find something that is simply cute.

Cannabis Seeds

Beautiful Christmas gift packs are only available to a happy few. Dutch Passion ships them mainly to EU countries. But they’re gorgeous to look at for the rest of us.

Legal everywhere (also: less controversial)

Anything made from hemp fabric. Clothing is not as well represented on Amazon, but the hemp bags, backpacks, messenger bags, cross-body bags and pouches are worth the detour.

Apparel made with hemp is better found at specialty stores:


Cannabidiol or CBD – the “other” cannabinoid – doesn’t cause a high, but has many supposed health benefits and is a fun way to gift something cannabis-related. Disposable vape pens come in many flavors.

Check out these disposable CBD vape pens in flavors strawberry, jungle juice and forbidden berry.

Body care & cosmetics with hemp oil and/or CBD are on the rise and make for perfect stocking stuffers. Also, healthy freaks will appreciate a fresh stash of hemp protein powder or hemp seed.

Original, unique & perhaps a bit random

A gift membership to the Cloud Appreciation Society

Last minute gifts: no shipping required

Printable art. If you can print, at home or at a print shop nearby, this one’s easy. Go to Etsy and search for cannabis printable designs. Find one or a few instant digital downloadable designs, purchase, print and pop into a frame. Your gift is ready to be wrapped and tagged. (Alright, the printable project as a whole does involve some legwork, but unless you live in the boonies, getting things printed and picking up a frame should be fairly do-able.)

Kindle books. So many brilliant marijuana lecture exists in kindle format, it’ll be hard to choose. You could even print the cover of the book in gift card size and put that in one of those fancy gift card/money card holders. Even the low quality book cover images from the vendors’ website should allow for a half decent print in that size.

This Dutch marijuana growing course.

Learn to grow like a Pro

It has different modules available, with different price tags. The cheapest one is the Seed to Bud Module for $47. The complete course is $127, or $147 with support included. All digital, so it doesn’t require any shipping, this is simply the best Christmas gift for any aspiring grower – last minute or not.

Merryjuana Xmas, everyone!

By Felis Cannabis

Hi, Felis Cannabis here. This little corner of the web is my scratch pole. The legalize movement is growing, but not fast enough for me to give up the incognito status just yet. ;-) Let's keep at it! We should have the right to use any plant we choose.