Volcano Vaporizer for Sale? Where To Find The Best Deal


A Volcano vaporizer for sale comes with a hefty price tag. There is no point in sugarcoating that. But if you’re here, looking at the different options, you probably already know two things:

  • That this machine plays in an entirely different league than any vape pen or handheld vaporizer model. As a home-based medicinal marijuana user, the advantages of a powerful desktop vaporizer such as the volcano (more specifically: its effects on your overall health and well-being) are more than worth the investment.
  • That looking at Volcano vaporizers for sale online is a great idea, since they are usually more expensive and come with less options/goodies/freebies in local stores.
Has the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawai’i inspired Storz & Bickel in the creation of one of the most famous desktop vapes ever? Granted, it is fairly flat, but it smokes alright.

This high-end desktop vaporizer obviously gets its name from the elegant cone shape, which reminds of a volcano. The Volcano vaporizer is made in Germany by a company called Storz & Bickel. When looking for a volcano vaporizer for sale, and browsing different websites allowing you to search by brand, that’s the name you’ll want to look for.

The Volcano is one their products – Storz & Bickel also makes smaller, more portable vaporizers. The Crafty and the Mighty are equally famous.

Quality standards

The Volcano is the only desktop vaporizer certified by ISO quality manufacturing standards and also meeting NRTL and UL requirements. Every volcano vaporizer is entirely made out of food safe, flavorless, and heat resistant materials. It is a beautifully powerful, robust and precise piece of craftsmanship. It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that each machine comes with a three year warranty.

The classic volcano vaporizer has a button to regulate temperature. An updated version joined the ranks more recently, featuring a digital display. The digital volcano vaporizer for sale is priced around $500, while the first (classic) volcano vaporizer can be found for around $380. Because it is such rigorously built machine, exploring options to purchase one second hand doesn’t have to be a bad idea either.

Matrix Dry Herb Vaporizer

Is looking at Volcano vaporizers online worth it?

Of course, depending on personal preference, the internet may or may not be the perfect place to scout for the best volcano vaporizer for sale.

How to put this…

Do you enjoy time spent standing in line, or waiting for your turn to be assisted by a store representative? Are you a traffic-jam-fan, with a master’s degree in switching-lanes? Do you live for the thrill of not knowing whether something will be in stock at the exact moment you point your nose in the store? If not that, perhaps you find it entertaining to attempt getting a hold of store representatives by phone for stock inquiries before hitting the road? Yeah… Me neither. šŸ˜‰ None of the above.

Some prefer to touch something and hold it in their hands when making a purchase. Valid point. It is hard to beat the convenience of browsing from home at any time of the day, though. Also considering the substantial price difference, it can be very much worth the wait to order online. As far as goes the hassle in case of a return, driving to the post office/drop-off-point versus driving to the store doesn’t make much of a difference.

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I can say from experience (and a lot of geeky, nit-picky, obsessive research) that the best deals are definitely located on the web. For me personally, screen-shopping from the couch trumps scouting local stores for more reasons than just a lower price point.

Even if you ultimately plan on purchasing one in a store, it may be worthwhile to take a quick peek at the Volcano vaporizer online price comparison below. The better to make an informed decision, and also be up to date on various Volcano vaporizer accessories or replacement parts.

The Volcano vaporizer for sale on the official website

Obvious perhaps (though not always the case): Volcano has its own official website and online store. Always fun to check out, and a good place to find first-hand information on the company, background and specs. I’d keep it at that. Seriously, does anyone still buy from a brand’s own website these days? It just doesn’t seem to make much sense, when other retailers present us with (much!) better deals for the exact same package.

volcano vaporizer official website storz bickel

Through the official Volcano Vaporizer website, for the vaporizer alone (without any accessories):

  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer for sale @ US $380 (includes the volcano classic, 1 air filter set, 1 herb mill and instructions for use)
  • Digital Volcano Vaporizer for sale @ US $500 (includes the same items as the classic)

For a complete starter set, including the base plus a nice selection of accessories:

  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer with Easy Valve Starter Set: US $479
  • Digital Volcano Vaporizer with Easy Valve Starter Set: US $599

The Easy Valve Starter Set separately is US $99.

The Volcano vaporizer for sale through Namaste vaporizers

The site Namaste vaporizers used to be called Vaporseller. Namaste Technologies bought the company in 2016 and has rebranded the online store. While the domain name is Namastevaporizers.com, the logo says Namastevapes. Both work when you type them in manually, it’s just that the website is built under the first one.

This is what it looks like now:

namaste vapes
  • TheĀ Classic Volcano Vaporizer here is sold for US$344.50Ā (included in the box: a dry material filling chamber, a balloon set (you can choose between the Solid or Easy ValveĀ Set), a normal screen set, an air filter set, a liquid pad, a cleaning brush, a dry material grinder, and an instruction manual)
  • The Digital Volcano Vaporizer for sale is US$353.99 (included are: a filling chamber, a normal screen set, an air filter set, a pad, a cleaning brush, a grinder, and an instruction manual – note that a valve set is not included!)
volcano vaporizer namastevapes

Valve sets, the Solid Valve Set or the Easy Valve Set, are sold separately for US$99. When adding this toĀ the digital volcano vaporizer, you’d still be looking at a mere US$452.99 instead of $599 through the official website.

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Yet another Volcano vaporizer for sale at Planet of the Vapes

At Planet of the Vapes, you’ll find a classic volcano vaporizer for sale for US$380 without a valve set and $479 with a valve set of choice.

volcano vaporizer for sale planet vapes

The digital volcano vaporizer for sale here is US $500 on its own and $599 with a valve set (easy valve or solid valve by choice). Yes, that is indeed the same price as on the official volcano website, although the extras and freebies (see below) make this deal a much more interesting option. Definitely one worth looking at.

Extra’s + Freebies at Planet of the Vapes

Planet of the Vapes offers some fun extra’s for free. With the classic volcano vaporizer, you’ll get a 4 piece aluminium CNC grinder, a tightvac airtight storage container and – when you buy the additional valve set – a vapecase storage case. It may not be the cheapest volcano vaporizer for sale, but that case though… What a beauty!

The extra’s do make this deal a good contender after all. Besides, the customer service here is nothing short of amazing and for a device of this caliber and price, that’s worth something.


VaporNation stands out with their Volcano Classic Vaporizer for US$380. They offer a low price guarantee. If you find a cheaper one elsewhere within 30 days of your purchase, they’ll refund you the difference. In the box are a grinder, instruction manual, and air filter set.

You’re supposed to select either the easy valve set or the solid valve set, and both are an additional US$99. As a free bonus gift, you can choose between free overnight shipping or a Volcano Vape Case.

vapornation volcano vaporizer

The next thing to decide on is whether you’d like to add a 2 year extended warranty, 3 years extended warranty, or the so-called Vape Squad Lifetime warranty. The first two speak for themselves – the last one consists of four things in short: a consultation with a vape expert, free rush processing on all orders, extended warranty for your new vape and twenty percent off all future purchases.

VaporNation has a lot more fun (and useful) “toys”, from many different brands!

vaporizer brands

The Volcano Digital Vaporizer is US $500 and comes with the same options and extra’s. Vapornation definitely packs a punch here. And if you aren’t convinced to stop looking after making your purchase, there’s always the price guarantee to fall back on.


Vapeworld has a slightly different setup, but if you look closer at the various options in piecing together your order, it comes down to the same – well, almost. Whether you choose the Volcano Classic Vaporizer for US $479.99 or the Volcano Digital for US$599.99, the ease valve set is included.

vapeworld volcano vaporizer

Valve sets are often sold separately for US$99, so the price comes down to the exact same amount as on VaporNation. But if that cozy fireplace in the background is included, VapeWorld might just win me over.

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Is a Volcano the most expensive vaporizer on the market?

You would think so, right? Guess what – it is not. There is an even more expensive one.

Meet the Herbalizer.

Does the Volcano vaporizer have any downsides?

Some users mention how they don’t like not being able to see the herb, saying this would help them judge what is happening in the chamber temperature-wise. Certain other desktop vaporizers have a glass compartment, such as the Aromed or the Arizer Extreme Q.

Another thing mentioned as a downside by some users is that they aren’t all that happy with sucking vapor out of a plastic bag and prefer to have it go straight into the lungs. It should be mentioned here that the balloon is totally optional and can be detached from the unit. The perks of a filled balloon are to enjoy the vapor somewhere other than where the unit is standing and to store vapor for later use (within 8 hours). Vaping from the mouthpiece without the balloon works perfectly fine though!


PerhapsĀ this overview of different websites offering the Volcano vaporizer for saleĀ has made you realize that ordering online is indeed the way to go. While waiting for something you want or need is never fun, the competitive prices online make a good case for it. Add to that the various freebies such as cases or accessories, as well as the occasional price-match guarantee – what’s not to love?

To put things in perspective, the wait doesn’t compare to what happens when you cross the authorities in the worst countries in the world in relation to marijuana.Ā Yikes.

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