8 Wooden weed smoking accessories, to burn with a natural vibe

Wood & Clear Glass Bubbler – Marley Natural

Life is short and you should always have dessert first, if you want to. Agreed…? Good. Then let’s start off this round-up of wood-related weed smoking accessories with the most stunning piece. A bubbler so handsome you’ll have a hard time deciding between using it or just looking at it. At Marley Natural they call it “display worthy”.

The clear glass and wood bubbler can be used with or without water, as well as taken apart for easy cleaning. Oh, and by the way – the spoon pipe and large steamroller are equally beautiful.

marley natural glass wood bubbler

Dugout Kit – Elevate

Elevate brings us a fancy looking dugout kit in light wood (maple) or dark wood (walnut, as pictured below). For a quick hit on the go, it doesn’t get much classier than this. Aside from the different colored wood types, you can also choose from clear, milky or darkened glass for the one-hitter.

wood weed smoking accessories elevate dugout kitwood different glass

weed smoking accessories wood


Today a Door-nob, Tomorrow a Grinder

Sounds like a joke, right? The price of this cute little wooden grinder may also make you smile: you can pick one up for under ten bucks on Amazon. Before dismissing this grinder for being too simple or small, because maybe you’re used to (and very pleased with) a large metal one with multiple trays, listen to this.

I did not expect much in terms of performance from this gadget either and have to admit the reviews surprised me. Apparently, the absence of multiple layers to separate kief from ground herb can be a good thing. When holding this little grinder at an angle and keeping at it for a little while, you can grind the material really fine. The finely ground flower with kief is the perfect thing for vaping.

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Weed smoking accessories wooden grinder

Dugout Kit, Hand-made

Another dugout kit – This one deserves a special mention for being the most rugged item of all wooden weed smoking accessories here. It even looks a bit unfinished, as if it could have done with some extra sanding. Whether this is intentional or not remains the question.

Let’s just assume the unpolished vibe is probably intentional. With that said, if supporting handmade and small businesses is your thing, you’ve most likely heard of Etsy before. But did you know in the 12+ years since its inception Etsy’s selection has evolved far beyond the handcrafted mittens, mug cozies and pottery? Try typing some 420 related terms in the search bar and check out what pops up.

weed smoking accessories etsy

420-friendly Wood Phone Case

For those who aren’t worried about making a public statement regarding their stance on cannabis, these are also found on Etsy. There’s enough of a wardrobe of different colors and wood types to make the flooring department at the hardware store jealous! Of course, this isn’t technically a wooden weed smoking accessory. Unless… you use your phone heavily while smoking, then I’d say it could count as one.

wood phone case cannabis leaf

wood phone case marijuana leaf

Wooden Stash Jars: Elegance & Simplicity

Technically these are not wooden stash jars, but glass stash jars with wooden lids. They emanate simple elegance nonetheless. They come in three sizes: small has 1/8 oz. capacity, medium stores 1/2 oz. and the large one 1 oz.

Complete with laser engraved text, the bamboo lids provide an air-tight seal. These stash jars can be found at Hakuna Supply and come with their “No Worries Guarantee”. Hakuna Supply guarantees that any issue that arises will be treated equally and honestly by their exceptional customer service.

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wooden stash jar glass stash jar

Small Bamboo Rolling Tray

Also made from bamboo is this small(ish) but oh-so-clever rolling tray.

rolling tray small bamboo 1

rolling tray bamboo small 2

rolling tray bamboo small 3

Large RAW Rolling Tray

A few steps up from its little brother, the large RAW rolling tray has a lot of different areas and cut-outs.

RAW Stash Box

Whether you’re in the market for a wooden stash box or not, it’s impossible to ignore well-made vibe of this attractive wooden stash box.

What do you think are the most beautiful wooden weed smoking accessories? There’s always room for more, so let us know which ones we should add.

Oh – and also… if you find yourself in a pinning mood, the image below is just perfect for Pinterest.


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